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My Message Policy

  • If I left you a message:
I would prefer you to answer on your talk page.  You may notify me using {{ping}}, or by placing {{Talkback|your username}} on my talk page.
  • If you leave me a message:
I will answer on my talk page.  If I want you to reply, I may place {{Talkback|Evad37|<section>|<timestamp>}} on your talk page, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Just checking for The Signpost[edit]

Will you be doing the Featured content article?

There's something about differences in the deadline boxes on different pages. Yes, I've cleared the caches. I doesn't matter for this issue though. I'll be going by the box on the Newsroom talk page.

Smallbones(smalltalk) 16:03, 28 May 2019 (UTC)

Scripts++ Newsletter – Issue 6[edit]

Administrators' newsletter – June 2019[edit]

News and updates for administrators from the past month (May 2019).


Administrator changes

removed AndonicConsumed CrustaceanEnigmamanEuryalusEWS23HereToHelpNv8200paPeripitusStringTheory11Vejvančický

CheckUser changes

removed Ivanvector

Guideline and policy news

  • An RfC seeks to clarify whether WP:OUTING should include information on just the English Wikipedia or any Wikimedia project.
  • An RfC on WT:RfA concluded that Requests for adminship and bureaucratship are discussions seeking to build consensus.
  • An RfC proposal to make the templates for discussion (TfD) process more like the requested moves (RM) process, i.e. "as a clearinghouse of template discussions", was closed as successful.

Technical news

  • The CSD feature of Twinkle now allows admins to notify page creators of deletion if the page had not been tagged. The default behavior matches that of tagging notifications, and replaces the ability to open the user talk page upon deletion. You can customize which criteria receive notifications in your Twinkle preferences: look for Notify page creator when deleting under these criteria.
  • Twinkle's d-batch (batch delete) feature now supports deleting subpages (and related redirects and talk pages) of each page. The pages will be listed first but use with caution! The und-batch (batch undelete) option can now also restore talk pages.


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Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia Signpost#Page size estimates[edit]

BTW, your script still keeps the size commented. That should probably be updated. Headbomb {t · c · p · b} 09:29, 27 June 2019 (UTC)