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Still being attended to[edit]

Hello friend! :) Im here just to tell that Im still alive! Fighting with other issues in life and thinking about time when I can come back to writing and improving - well, my wife told me that kind of mashrooms she will find to cook for me depends and sometimes I feel that only reason that Im still alive is that I did not buy life assurance - she is still hoping that I will do. Nothing have been forgotten, nothing have changed, if I do not finish off what i started, it means that Im dead for sure! Most probably mashrooms. Hope to be back soon! Just so You know that all Your input and help is never forgotten! Im always greatfull for Your kind help and all the effort You made. So I write just to tell. Take good care! camdan (talk) 00:18, 09 August 2016 (UTC)
@Camdan: Hello, and I am pleased to hear from you. On a personal note, I wish you the very best. On encyclopedic content, maybe you will be comfortable if I follow behind you on your history list. I will try to clean up anything that jumps out at me. We have worked nicely that way before, and I would be very pleased to do some edits using that collaborative approach with you again. I will get to things in a day or two. FeatherPluma (talk) 22:42, 18 August 2016 (UTC)
Thank You for Your kind wish to help me to clean up! It is much appreciated FeatherPluma. Yes, You added a lot of quality to art. I think art. Ostoja coat of arms is ready for further improvement. I also work on art Polish heraldry and hope to get it on GA standard, part of it is ready, I nead to review more, add citations and make changes, but You could check it. Its ready down to "Controversions...", just need to add some citations in sections above. When ready with that, I will go on Clan of Ostoja again, lot of work to do, also in light of new research necessary to change some parts, shorten art. and then its just to add page nr. to references witch I see more like Mount Everest to do :) Any art I can help You with? Best regards, camdan (talk) 04:10, 28 August 2016 (UTC)

New messages go in this section please[edit]

Women Empowerment in Nigeria[edit]

Dear @FeatherPluma: thank you for your great work on wikipedia. i decided to expand this article but along the line i fell sick and got admitted . This is one of my first interface with Wikipedia since i left the hospital. Trust me , i will look at it in detail to correct areas needed. If the citation has caused any issue, kindly accept my apologyOlaniyan Olushola (talk) 04:23, 26 August 2016 (UTC)

@Olaniyan Olushola: Thank you. Take as much time as you need and get better. There is no hurry on this at all. FeatherPluma (talk) 23:41, 26 August 2016 (UTC)