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Sec Mods.[edit]

Hi, I see you are being bold and attempting to edit Sec Mods- this is a difficult one as it is so politically charged. Words like evil and deceit are not allowed here- which limits the options! I have looked at this in the past and not had enough time to sort the article. Also I dont have enough of the books I need to give the references.

I am currently working up the Abraham Moss Learning Centre which similarly needed love and attention. But what is wrong with this piece. * Structure. * Content and * References. * Breadth and Perspective. It lacks all three, and also references. Look at AMC to see how each fact is referenced. Look at the {{sfn}} system (short foot note)

  • Structure- I have made a couple of changes here that may help.
  • Content- This is limited to one of the three strands of education: Building design, curriculum and financial constrictions. In Abraham Moss Learning Centre#References there is are two excellect sources both available on line

Peter Toft CDT piece answers the question- What do schools do-- teach the plebs to be compliant, teach the manual labourer to read/rite/and rithmetic but no more, provide the compliant bureaucrats ands clerks needed to work in a bank..... The English heritage book on school design in the last century is rich in insights and references.

  • References- We don't write our views, but merely report other peoples views- so the rule of one reference for each paragraph and one for each WOW fact applies to all wikipedia writing. Particularly on politically charged topics.
  • Breadth and Perspective- This article lacks statistics, there is nothing here explaining funding/ expansion and contraction due to that and declining birth rate. Further there are no design details to show the internal organistion or the DES space guidelines that governed them. ROSLA, ROSLA blocks... There are no details of the curriculum studied or CSE- CSE mode three- what it brought to the GCSE. No details of playing field requirement and the effect on town planning in new estates.

Here are the two starting point

(I will cross paste this to the Sec Mod talk page for a wider viewing)