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This bot edits based on administrator actions on Wikimedia Commons.

Filedelinkerbot does not delete files. It only removes links to files deleted on Wikimedia Commons by an Administrator. Remarks and complaints about file deletions should go to Commons:Administrators' noticeboard, where they will get proper attention.

Complaints on file deletions will not be answered here!

I do not really understand what drives Filedelinkerbot. He has removed a photo which was unloaded by owner and that have been on wikipedia for more than six years. Not all wikipedia contributors are equally able to do contributors, but it seems to me that a wikipedia user should not simply destroy what others have done. It would have been much more useful to ask a query and to provide advise. Otherwise is an action of vandalism. --Porzia1988 (talk) 10:08, 22 March 2015 (UTC)