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Sir Harry Munro, 7th Baronet[edit]

Hi Foulismains, are you sure that the portrait on the Harry Munro page is in fact Munro of Novar ? if so then we really should remove it.QuintusPetillius (talk) 18:17, 21 May 2014 (UTC)

Clan Munro chiefs[edit]

Hi, I have noticed that you have stated in the Clan Munro article that the Baronetcy could only be succeeded to to by a descendant of Hector Munro, 1st Baronet. Maybe you could iron this out but the 1st Baronet's son, Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet died without any children. Therefore I am assuming that if what you have said is correct then the succession must have been based on descent from the 1st Baronet via his daughter, Jean, who married her cousin Robert Munro of Obsdale who became the 3rd Baronet ? Perhaps you could clarrify.QuintusPetillius (talk) 19:07, 21 May 2014 (UTC)