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Articles on French royalty[edit]

Hello Frania. Thanks for your note. While I do patrol pages for vandalism, I have not made any protection requests. My best advice would be to go to the Requests for protection page, and put your request there. Let me now how you make out. -- IG (talk) 0001:, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

Marie Louise d'Orléans[edit]

my dear =] i just copied and pasted bio to previous page; redircts will be fine =] x

An anecdote of the Emerald Isle[edit]

On Saturday, My family and I power-boated to an obscure Gaeltacht, relatively near our Barleycove, Cape Clear Island. It's very quiet, and the only place in Ireland where you can see a 10 year-old driving! The cars there don't need to pass their annual National Car Test, so they're pretty bashed up. It is common to see a car without doors. The island is home to a popular Summer Irish college (kinda like summer camp, but you gotta speak Irish!). Framing the bashed up cars is a hilly landscape, topped with a fresh water lake. The island overlooks a beautiful vista, you can see all around the bay. It is the most southerly island in the state. We lunched in a quaint little pub with a view of the South Harbour. The smell of wild foxgloves fills the air, and, if you're lucky, the open air tour bus might be operating. It brings the tourists to every valley & hill top. The population is a meagre 120, and all the families are related *creepy*. The island boasts Ireland's only manned bird observatory. And, of course, the obligitary gallery:


That sounds far too complicated! My drawing skills are, at best, atrocious. Pehaps a wiki-pop shall suffice? -- Jack1755 (talk) 14:13, 6 September 2009 (U)


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