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Hi and welcome to wikipedia. I noticed you had a blank talk page, so I decided to welcome you. I hope you like it and decide to stay. Here are some handy links for newcomers.

Also you can sign your name on talk pages and vote pages with three tildes like this ~~~, and your name with a time stamp with four like this ~~~~. Howabout1 01:52, 29 May 2005 (UTC)


Good to see you on here. My wiki time has been a lot of trial and error... but it is a great way to waste time. The best advise I can give is: when you see something you like, go to 'edit' and see the code. If you know a little about coding like me, you can copy slice and dice to get what you want.


I assume you are referring to userboxes. They are neat, huh? First off, you need a Babel. This has your languages spoken. Then you can add serious and/or silly ones. The best place to start is Wikipedia:Userboxes/Gallery. They will all be in a format like {{User:BradBeattie/Userboxes/Juggling}}, and you just copy that and paste it to your userpage, then you get:

3-ball cascade movie.gif This user enjoys juggling.

It's that easy. Formatting is still a little tricky, as you can tell from the big open spaces on my page.


I added a Table of contents to your page... hope you like it! --Qfl247 (talk) 20:58, 6 November 2009 (UTC)