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Gabriel Regueira
File:Gabriel Regueira sens Gabo BlueSuit Profile2b
Gabriel Regueira with SENS Sentimientos
Born Gabriel Armando Regueira Navarrete
(1975-05-23) May 23, 1975 (age 40)
Villahermosa, Tabasco
Gabriel Regueira, Actor, Writer, Painter, Singer, & Visual Communicator

Gabriel A.Regueira N. (born May 23rd, 1975) is a Mexican artist and visual communicator. He is known for his deep, performances in shortfilms such as Between Us the Shortfilm by Bluetown Productions and Love Ki115 U. Regueira has also achieved critical success in dramatic roles in theater palys such as Evident Assassin, Black Cat, and Ship Without Fisher.


Early life[edit]

Regueira was born in Coatzacoalcos, the son of Alma (married and maiden names Navarrete), an executive assistant, and Alejandro Regueira, a carpenter and accountant.He had three older siblings, Alejandro, Armando R.I.P., and Diana. The family was Catholic. After the family moved to Villahermosa, Tabasco. When Regueira was 3, he showed hability to paint with almost any useful paint tool.

Start in Acting[edit]

In 1995, under the management of Rodrigo Gaytan and Bibi Barragan, Regueira started doing Theater at the Esperanza Iris theater in Villahermosa, where he rose to become a top actor in may 1996, shortly after his 21st birthday. One tv Host in the TVT Channel raved that Regueira was "a genuine star coming to life. Up, up goes a new comic star," Jorge de Dios, TVT (Televisión Tabasqueña, February 27, 1997. In the 1998, Regueira performed in Mexico City

Entertainment Broadcaster[edit]

In 1997, while Regueira was visiting a friend in the Channel 9 TV station, was invited to make an audition as a enterteiment broadcaster. He said that he wasn't train to do it, but the producer didn't care, and 2 weeks later Regueira got a callback from the station to start working.

During this stage Regueira interviewed celebrities such as Angélica Vale, Kabah, Iran Eory, Alejandra Meyer, Irán Castillo, Carlos Cuevas, Jojojorge Falcon, Raul Araiza, Lupita D'Alessio, and many others.

Singing by Accident[edit]

In 1999, Regueira was hanging out with some friends in a party, after make a little impression of the New Kids on the Block his friend Roman Rodríguez, who was already singer and composer, came with the idea of create a pop music group. At first Regueira made fun about it, but Rodríguez took this more seriously, and wrote about 25 songs for the group and started to cast guys to put together the new pop music concept. Regueira came out with the name, and two months later Roman Rodríguez, Cesar Santos, Fernando Estrada, Richie Castillo and Gabriel Regueira were officially named "NOUVEAU".

After a year and a half, Regueira received an offer to start a new band in which he would have a more active participation as a Graphic Designer and composer, and decided to drop NOUVEAU, after him Richie Castillo and Fernando Estrada made the same decision. By March 2001 Latin-Pop vocal/musical group SENS was born, and his members were Gabriel Regueira, Richie Castillo, Fernando Estrada, Mariano Maza and Cesar Antonio Fortier.

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