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Programming languages with small user bases[edit]

There are several programming languages with small user bases which have wikipedia articles: A++, BuildProfessional, ChucK, Escapade, Frink, F Sharp programming language, Godiva programming language, Joy programming language, Joule programming language, Kvikkalkul programming language, Malbolge, Nial, Nemerle, Pizza programming language, Revolution programming language, Seed7, SuperCollider programming language, Unlambda, Var'aq, XOTcl, Z programming language, ZZT-oop.

Although googling is not a good measure, I produced a table of hits for this languages:

Language Hits("name" "programming language") Hits("name programming language")
A++ 777 21
BuildProfessional 371 0
ChucK 709 34
Escapade 272 47
Frink 583 22
F Sharp programming language 315 40
Godiva programming language 228 37
Heron programming language 400 45
Joy programming language 800 51
Joule programming language 779 56
Kvikkalkul programming language 205 15
Malbolge 228 27
Nial 495 56
Nemerle 445 63
Pizza programming language 798 73
Revolution programming language 809 24
Seed7 379 56
SuperCollider programming language 716 62
Unlambda 259 48
Var'aq 433 21
XOTcl 601 4
Z programming language 792 34
ZZT-oop 125 24

As you can see the number of unique results returned is always under 1000. This is explained here and summed up with: "Hence the list of unique results will always contain fewer than 1000 results regardless of how many webpages actually matched the search terms.". That shows that arguments like "the number of unique results returned is still under 1000." are totally useless.

You can also see that searching for "name programming language" gives significant less hits than searching for "name" "programming language".

IMHO it is okay that programming languages with small user bases have wikipedia articles. People invest a lot of time to create interpreters, compilers, documentation, examples and more. These programming languages are notable for some computer scientists. This should count much more than the "not notability" of the average user. The problem is that a lot of people do not understand that wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia (see also in Wikimedia). These people try to delete pages (to save paper, hard disk space, lemmas, ...) about things that are not notable. But this is a POV decision. What some people see as "not notable" is seen by other people as "notable". In this case the deletion of articles is the wrong solution. The "right thing to do" would be to add notability values to pages that are seen as "notable" by a minority and as "not notable" by a majority. Georg Peter 10:05, 8 November 2006 (UTC)


I did actually look at the Talk page, but it took me a few minutes to update it after I edited the article -- sorry. Could you please revert your addition until we reach consensus on Talk? Thanks, --Macrakis (talk) 14:58, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

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