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Block requested[edit]

Hello. Can you block Salvabl (talk · contribs). Not only are they are repeatedly reinstating a cut & paste move, but it's also in a topic area that they are prohibited from editing in. Cheers, Number 57 20:21, 27 September 2016 ( Bearbeiten von „User talk:Fenix down“ (Abschnitt) Fett Kursiv Externer Link (http:// beachten) Interner Link Eingebettete Datei Signatur und Zeitstempel ProveIt Erweitert Sonderzeichen Hilfe

uwcl again[edit]

So I ask about restoring that 2017–18 UEFA Women's Champions League again (better: moving the userfied version to mainspace). First big league, ENglish FA WSL has teams decided, so people will be interested in the article now. Changes to version mentioned in deletion review are +six teams, +final stadium known, plus UEFA is now writing about teams in next edition. It is definitely "going ahead". I've also asked fenix, but he has yet to answer. -Koppapa (talk) 06:41, 26 September 2016 (UTC)

Wikipedia:The 10,000 Challenge[edit]

Hi, at Wikipedia:The 10,000 Challenge we're striving to bring about 10,000 article improvements and creations for the UK and Ireland and inspire others to create more content. In order to achieve this we need diversity of content, in all parts of the UK and Ireland on all topics. Eventually a regional contest will be held for all parts of the British Isles, like they were for Wales and the Wedt Country. We currently have just over 1900 articles and need contributors! If you think you'd be interested in collaborating on this and helping reach the target quicker, please sign up and begin listing your entries there as soon as possible! Thanks.♦ --MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 13:40, 28 September 2016 (UTC)