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List of Hobbit Families[edit]

The list of Hobbit Families page is both outstanding and informative. The Hanes names is indeed not true. My intent was to remove the change later this week. If it is at all possible, would you consider allowing me to add the familly name back in for a few days as we are creating a hobbit week at work for this week only?

UKIP negativity again!![edit]

Please do not undo referenced and cited edits to UKIP's profile page. UKIP's membership has risen as of yesterday from 28,000-29,000+ as has been confirmed by the Official UKIP website which I referenced. Unexplained reversion of edits in the future will be reported as vandalism. I note you included the WP:IRS link for recognising reliable and unreliable websites. I would suggest that you have some pretty intense and unbalanced bias if you cannot recognise a official political party website citing exact membership figures as not being a reliable reference. If you have a personal problem with UKIP as it seems you do have from earlier messages from other users who take issue with your edits, and you are trying to label them/us as "Far Right" for example, and you cannot refrain yourself from unbiased edits, I suggest you refrain from editing the page altogether. Regards. User:RoverTheBendInSussex (talk) 00:19, 17 June 2014 (GMT)

One- I would have thought an official site was fair enough reference. I use official references for football transfers etc and that has never been brought into question. Two- I have since added a third party reference. Three- I notice your multiple edits to UKIP's page because of unreliable first hand references. I wonder why then the Liberal Democrats Wikipedia page uses a Liberal Democrats run reference for its membership number. Yet you haven't changed that one have you? I accuse you of having a agenda taking note of multiple comments in your 'talk' page. Examples; Removing outdated analysis, accusations of Negativity towards UKIP from more than one user, trying to highlight UKIP as a "Far Right" party (LordFixit 07:16, 15 April 2014) and now this. It seems you have a direct issue with UKIP and I am getting really bored of correcting your insisting in keeping negativity of UKIP on the page. It is getting boring! User:RoverTheBendInSussex (talk) 21:20, 17 June 2014 (GMT)


I am actually 27. The "2001" represents when I started going to High School.


Sorry just stating incorrect thing on this page sorry not sure on how to use this wiki thing in Tolkiens books it stays that Legolas meets Thiro in the North she was like the lady of the night and was shunned out and she met Aragorn too but Legolas fell in love with her and soon after a while story thing they were togheter and Legolas made her sail to Valinor to be safe when the ring incident took place and tauriel had to die or pj can be charged Tolkien had a law of characters made by him can be removed if they had no further use of the plot eg haldir but new characters added have to be made doc postal of before the story continues or they can be charged legally ie tauriel and I knew pj personally and I checked what would tauriel's fate be and he said she had to die but he would film a broken h Heart from kili's death. It's in a book Tolkien wrote about Thiro there is a whole fat book called the untold tales of the elves but it's not on publish anymore so you have to try a second hand bookshop to try looking for it like how i found mine

I content Simarils-are-not-Rings comment is important to the summary for lay readers[edit]

I contend the differentiation between the Simarils and the Rings is necessary. It's the primary reason that I hit the Simarils page, trying to convince people that they were different. I finally found it in other places. This is not the first time that I've had this conversation. There are three stones old, there are ancient rings made with special gems, the association is completely natural to a lot of people who don't study Tolkein very much. AristosM (talk) 03:48, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

you are not a WP:RS. You need to backup the confusion with sources. GimliDotNet (talk) 04:47, 14 August 2015 (UTC)