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Georgetown fraternities[edit]

I've never heard of Pi Kappa Alpha or Sigma Nu being active at Georgetown. Even if these frat's national website lists a chapter, there is nothing to back it up. There are sources, in The Hoya and elsewhere, for the other fraternities existence specifically at Georgetown. I have also inquired of an authority on the subject and he concurs that these groups should not be listed with active fraternities. Understand that not every group or former group will merit inclusion on the Wikipedia page, just ones that are minimally notable and can be sourced. Have these groups held any events? Any rush functions? A webpage or even a facebook page? Who's the president, treasurer, etc? If these groups existed, they'd have these things. But my searching hasn't turned up anything. So either they're underground or nonexistent, either way they wouldn't belong on the Wikipedia page. Sorry friend.--Patrick «» 22:29, 26 February 2009 (UTC)