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A Wikipedia Content Dispute.

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"Wikipedia's articles are no place for strong views. Or rather, we feel about strong views the way that a natural history museum feels about tigers. We admire them and want our visitors to see how fierce and clever they are, so we stuff them and mount them for close inspection. We put up all sorts of carefully worded signs to get people to appreciate them as much as we do. But however much we adore tigers, a live tiger loose in the museum is seen as an urgent problem." --WP:TIGER

New discussion[edit]

Only 993,706,608 articles left until our billionth article![edit]

We are only 993,706,608 articles away from our 1,000,000,000th article... --Guy Macon

Depiction of Wikimedia Foundation destroying Wikipedia with Visual Editor, Flow, and Mobile App[edit]

Depiction of Wikimedia Foundation destroying Wikipedia with Visual Editor, Flow, and Mobile App.

--Guy Macon

Calvin discovers Wikipedia[edit]

  • "A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction into a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day." -- Calvin, of Calvin and Hobbes. --Guy Macon

Page views[edit]

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--Guy Macon

Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet[edit]

"Arguing with anonymous strangers on the Internet is a sucker's game because they almost always turn out to be -- or to be indistinguishable from -- self-righteous sixteen-year-olds possessing infinite amounts of free time." --Neil Stephenson, Cryptonomicon
--Guy Macon

The most important[Citation Needed] page on Wikipedia[edit]

User:Guy Macon/On the Diameter of the Sewer cover in front of Greg L’s house --Guy Macon

I can see why this has not been added yet; it does not have an " popular culture" section! For shame. --IanOsgood (talk) 12:58, 30 August 2020 (UTC)

"...It looks like Wikipedia is really pulling out all the stops in their latest appeal to their users..."[edit]

Donations Needed: Wikipedia Has Posted An Appeal Asking For One Night Of Physical Intimacy From Each User --Guy Macon

Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence[edit]

"The Revolution's main adversaries were the patriots and the people from Braveheart," said speaker Tim Capodice, who has edited hundreds of Wikipedia entries on subjects as diverse as Euclidian geometry and Ratfucking. "The patriots, being a rag-tag group of misfits, almost lost on several occasions. But after a string of military antics and a convoluted scheme involving chicken feathers and an inflatable woman, the British were eventually defeated despite a last-minute surge, by a score of 89–87."[1]
--Guy Macon


"Reasoning will never make a man correct an ill opinion, which by reasoning he never acquired: for, in the course of things, men always grow vicious, before they become unbelievers..." --Jonathan Swift ( 1721)[2] [3]
In modern language that would be
"You cannot reason people out of something they were not reasoned into. They will viciously attack you instead of abandoning their beliefs".
--Guy Macon (talk) 12:59, 3 August 2019 (UTC)


Guy, can you please move your One against many essay to WP space? It got a link from DRN, and then I noticed it there and linked it from an article talk page, and I see that there are lots of other in-links. Deserves the visibility it would get in WP space. Thanks, Mathglot (talk) 19:31, 7 April 2021 (UTC)

I would prefer not to. I purposely chose to leave WP:1AM (as well as WP:CANCER and WP:YWAB) in my userspace in order to retain the final say on any changes. I invite editing them in my usersspace and very seldom oppose a change, but sometimes I get editors who have an agenda completely changing my message. If the essays were in Wikipedia space I would lose control and anyone could edit them any way they choose.
You are, of course, free to create a word-for-word copy -- with or without modifying it -- and put it anywhere you wish.
Everything I write on Wikipedia is under the the CCO License instead of the usual CC BY-SA 3.0 License so you don't even have to give me credit (although it would be polite to voluntarily do so).
It would be interesting if someone tried to put a clone of WP:1AM in WP space with a note saying that anyone is free to overwrite it at any time with an exact copy of WP:1AM and free to create their own version or to edit 1AM and let the change propagate if they want to modify it. Not enforceable, of course, but it might work. --Guy Macon (talk) 22:39, 7 April 2021 (UTC)
I would prefer not to. EEng 14:07, 8 April 2021 (UTC)
But, WP:UOWN; so how is it any different being here, really, than in Project space, other than being harder to find? I hadn't thought about your thought experiment in the last paragraph before, but it's an interesting one. Mathglot (talk) 10:37, 8 April 2021 (UTC)
WP:UOWN just means that there are a bunch of things I can't do on my user pages. It doesn't mean that I can't revert anything anyone who edits my pages without giving a reason and it doesn't mean that I can't ask them to stop editing my pages. If you think I don't have complete control of the content of WP:1AM other than avoiding those things we aren't allowed to but on our user pages, you are mistaken. --Guy Macon (talk) 13:41, 8 April 2021 (UTC)

Shroud of Turin[edit]

Hi, about the Shroud of Turin, have you seen ? That's how the head of Jesus should look like in a shroud, not like a frontal photo (portrait). I.e. not like Tgeorgescu (talk) 07:28, 13 April 2021 (UTC)

It's even more interesting when you look at the entire shroud ( ) Try wrapping a towel over the top of your head so as to get an image that gets the front of your head and neck and the back of your head and neck as seen on the actual shroud. Measure the amount of cloth it takes to separate the front imaginary image from the back imaginary image. That gives you a rough measurement of how big your head is. Now do the same with the shroud image. Far too close together.
(Voice of shroudie:) "Amazing! Macon just discovered that the process of rising from the dead after three days starts with you becoming two-dimensional like a cardboard cutout! This proves the shroud is genuine!! (...[23 pages of complex arguments about dimensions and topology...) Will the miracles ever cease?"
Bonus question: can you completely wrap your head in the towel as described without any folds?
(Voice of shroudie:) "Another miracle!..."
But of course this is all WP:OR, fine for a discussion on my talk page but not for editing the article. One the one hand, it's sort of sad that there are things that I know to be true by pure reasoning that I can't put into Wikipedia unless a reliable secondary source publishes the same reasoning. On the other hand, it makes me happy that there are things that scientologists, creationists, holocaust deniers and antivaxers "know to be true" by pure reasoning that they can't put into Wikipedia unless a reliable secondary source publishes the same reasoning. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.[4] Can you find a reliable source that makes the same point about the dimensions being unlikely or impossible?? --Guy Macon (talk) 12:33, 13 April 2021 (UTC)

Help needed[edit]

I just removed a bunch of material from a user talk page that advocates not following proper grounding principles for electrical equipment and thus could result in injury or death to someone following the advice.[5] They are pushing the same bad advice at Talk:Isolation transformer, sourced to some Youtube videos. Any extra eyes on the article would be most welcome. --Guy Macon (talk) 01:45, 24 April 2021 (UTC)

IP that got blocked recently[edit]

Hello Guy Macon. The last few edits have been rather strange. Can the new IP and new account—that made its first edit there—be sockpuppets? I am not sure exactly what to do so I thought of notifying you. — The Most Comfortable Chair 14:15, 3 May 2021 (UTC)

I reported it, the vandal was blocked, page protected. Thanks for notifying me. --Guy Macon (talk) 15:08, 3 May 2021 (UTC)