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Administrators' newsletter - February 2017[edit]

News and updates for administrators from the past month (January 2017). This first issue is being sent out to all administrators, if you wish to keep receiving it please subscribe. Your feedback is welcomed.

Admin mop.PNG Administrator changes

Gnome-colors-list-add.svg NinjaRobotPirateSchwede66K6kaEaldgythFerretCyberpower678Mz7PrimefacDodger67
Gnome-colors-list-remove.svg BriangottsJeremyABU Rob13

Green check.svg Guideline and policy news

Octicons-tools.svg Technical news

  • When performing some administrative actions the reason field briefly gave suggestions as text was typed. This change has since been reverted so that issues with the implementation can be addressed. (T34950)
  • Following the latest RfC concluding that Pending Changes 2 should not be used on the English Wikipedia, an RfC closed with consensus to remove the options for using it from the page protection interface, a change which has now been made. (T156448)
  • The Foundation has announced a new community health initiative to combat harassment. This should bring numerous improvements to tools for admins and CheckUsers in 2017.

Scale of justice 2.svg Arbitration

Nuvola apps knewsticker.png Obituaries

  • JohnCD (John Cameron Deas) passed away on 30 December 2016. John began editing Wikipedia seriously during 2007 and became an administrator in November 2009.

13:37, 1 February 2017 (UTC)


I feel uncomfortable that an article was restored as a result of off-wiki comments. That aside, while you have the hidden stuff in your view could you reassure me that it is just a coincidence that the author of the version I moved to draft earlier today started editing the same week as the Arbcom case was filed which led to the original author leaving wikipedia in a huff at the resulting Discretionary sanctions. An 8 day overlap 4 years ago teases my suspicions - probably without good cause. Cabayi (talk) 16:59, 14 February 2017 (UTC)

Hidden stuff? Not sure what you mean -- there are two edits to Hemovanadin that I left deleted (hidden); these comprise the content that led to the Copyvio tag in the first place. If you're asking whether I have Checkuser abilities, I do not. -- Gyrofrog 17:53, 14 February 2017 (UTC)
By hidden stuff I meant deleted early contributions from the newer user. His/her edit history seems to start halfway through a discussion. Not to worry. It felt more like an uncomfortable coincidence than an outright suspicion. Cheers, Cabayi (talk) 18:04, 14 February 2017 (UTC)

Administrators' newsletter – March 2017[edit]

News and updates for administrators from the past month (February 2017).

Admin mop.PNG Administrator changes

Gnome-colors-list-add.svg AmortiasDeckillerBU Rob13
Gnome-colors-list-remove.svg RonnotelIslanderChamal NIsomorphicKeeper76Lord VoldemortSherethBdeshamPjacobi

Green check.svg Guideline and policy news

Octicons-tools.svg Technical news

  • A recent query shows that only 16% of administrators on the English Wikipedia have enabled two-factor authentication. If you haven't already enabled it please consider doing so.
  • Cookie blocks should be deployed to the English Wikipedia soon. This will extend the current autoblock system by setting a cookie for each block, which will then autoblock the user after they switch accounts under a new IP.
  • A bot will now automatically place a protection template on protected pages when admins forget to do so.

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