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Haitian Israelites are a group of people situated in Haiti and abroad, mainly in United States and United Kingdom who claim they are the original and authentic descendents of the ancient Israelites.These people prefer to call themselves as Hebrew Israelites or Levites.They also claim that the Haitians were practicing Judaism until they began to mix it with the African religion called voodoo.Because the Levites were responsible for the well being of the temple, Haitian Israelites believe that some of the Haitian rites were carried to the new world with them.Haitians Levites believe in the Torah and keep seventh-day Sabbath, the Israelites customs, the feasts and they believe in Yeshua(Jesus Christ} as their savior, the son of Yahweh and was sent by the father for the redemption of the world's sin.

Apostle Paul

Some of the Haitian Israelites believe that Apostle Paul was not chosen by Christ because he rejected the Torah and contradicted Christ himself. They believe according to Revelation 21:14 that the name of Paul and Barnabas(Act 14:14) will not be written on the wall of the New Jerusalem.