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Mainstream media and fringe medical science[edit]

I've read and learned about numerous conspiracy theories in the past couple of years or so to learn why it is that some scientific investigation are suppressed, taboo, or unfunded / unsupported. Rich tycoons took over the banking system, the military industrial complex, the education system, news media, medicine, and religion starting somewhere many years ago. With lots of money a group of tycoons can influence society so much that they and their minions become the shadow governments of many nations and influence government policies and law making on all manner of topics.

It would not matter that numerous alternative medicine approaches work or not because the mainstream media was taken over years ago. Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and numerous others formed a group that later transformed itself into the Council on Foreign Relations (the CFR). In its early days this group wanted to benefit from banking so a financial crisis was triggered in around 1907. The US federal reserve system and the US federal income tax acts were voted and signed into play shortly afterwards in 1913 during Christmas. Woodrow Wilson was lead by the nose by his advisor Colonel Edward Mandelhouse to enact these and numerous other legislation.

Doing a Google Video search on the Federal Reserve System, you will find that it is widely characterized by non-mainstream critics as a corrupt system that supposedly was intended to moderate the economic ups and downs, but in actuality creates these boom and bust periods in history every 10 of 15 years of so apart. It creates money out of nothing, loans this check book money out at interest to the US Treasury who pay for it with US Treasury Bonds. Since 1913, the debt of all such borrowed money is in the range of many trillions of dollars so that the yearly interest on this debt is about 975 billion dollars. This amount coincidentally is the amount of federal personal income tax paid by the general public. So instead of US tax dollars going into paying for great good, the money goes to the private share holders who own the various regional federal reserve banks, who are in turn owned and controlled by the larger private banks, mostly out of New York City--J. P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and so on from the tycoon days of old--including foreign ownership of the Rothschilds, and Warburgs.

When WW1 was on, these men got editorial control of key news paper presses to influence carefully the US getting and staying in the war. J. D. Rockefeller did an ownership stock swap between his Standard Oil Company of Ohio with that of Germany's I.G. Farben, a chemical dye-stuffs, munitions, and pharmaceutical cartel company. The 1910 Flexner report influenced government to reform medicine to exclude all but allopathic medical practice in America. The influential people involved in the report, Simon and Abraham Flexner and former Pillsbury Foundation's Fred T. Gates, during or shortly after this all became employees of J. D. Rockefeller's Foundation. The Flexner report was funded by the AMA and the Carnegie Education Foundation. The AMA is corporation initially founded as an allopathic medical doctor's union who as a matter of their practice prescribe patented poisons, cut via surgery and burn via radiation. They serve as a conduit through which business flows via their writing prescriptions for drug revenues back to the Rockefellers and I. G. Farben.

I. G. Farben, the Rockefellers, both Warburg banking brothers, and others supposedly assisted in the Nazi war machine of WW2 especially on population control, and eugenic / racial hygiene "studies."

The AMA (spear headed by clown-boy Dr. Morris Fishbein 1889-1976) and the medical men from the Rockefeller-sponsored Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads all contributed to dissuading their medical and scientific peers from considering Rife and Dr. Arthor Isiaac Kendall's ideas--pleomorphism for bacteria, virus, and fungi.

The CIA is a spy agency. The head guys of the CIA have been from Wall Street stock brokerages / Wall Street Lawyers (John-Foster and Allen Dulles). The CIA has been tied by many different investigations to corruption involving drug smuggling, arms smuggling, and laundering of drug money through Wall Street investments and or stock exchange listed businesses who trade goods for large quantities of drug money. These Wall Street heads of the CIA have also been key members of the J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations. See the Clinton Chronicles - Mena, Arkansas. Or Colonel Oliver North Iran-Contra affair / congressional investigation Sandenistas Arms for hostages.

Senator Nelson Rockefeller is said to have died in the arms of a reporter at the hands of Colombian drug cartel members when they were motivated by unfair practices employed by Nelson in his dealings with them. The Mafia have also been tied to cooperative dealings with the CIA and NSA and FBI.

It was said by Dr. Bob Beck, DSc. Physics, electro medicine investigator, that the pharmaceutical drug cartels were greater than 50% owned by the Mafia. Maybe he was lumping all of these unsavory elements into one big group?

With Royal Rife's ideas, each part has added merit with each new day of scientific discovery. However, Wikipedia cannot be used to gather these studies or findings into a listing that one by one piecewise demonstrates the usefulness of all of Royal Rife's stuff--that, in Wiki Lawyering parlance, would be synthesis and Original Research. I read somewhere that Rife did diagnose illness with electronics--Rife used measurements of tissue impedance to determine the likely locations of cancerous tumors in people known already to be suffering from that disease, so that small tissue biopsies could be examined by himself and assisting / interested pathologist doctors willing to look through Rife's microscope.

Some people on the internet have speculated that if not a cancer virus, Rife may have been viewing Mycoplasmas, bacteria, and fungus. So if Rife was mistaken, maybe he wasn't very far off in characterizing his filterable form pathogens as viruses.

A modern day oncologist doctor from Italy has been investigating that cancer is the body's reaction to a fugal infection -- See Dr. Tullio Simoncini oncologist Italy cancer as a fungus bicarbonate of soda.

Rife would have this covered because of his pleomorphic pathogen theories.

The more that one researches medical and other scientific information, the more one runs into scientists and medical doctors who have never heard of any of it. Oldspammer (talk) 21:27, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

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