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WikiProject Anatomy newsletter #5[edit]

WP:Anatomy newsletter (#5)

Released: November 2016
Editor: Tom (LT)

Hello WP:Anatomy participant! This is our fifth newsletter, documenting what's going on in WikiProject Anatomy, news, current projects and other items of interest. There hasn't been too much worthy of news, and I have less time to dedicate to this project, so I've slowed down the release of this newsletter.

I value feedback, and if you think I've missed something, or don't wish to receive this again, please leave a note on my talk page, or remove your name from the mailing list

What's new
How can I contribute?
  • Participate in discussions - a number of discussions such as those on our talk page or about our infobox would benefit from your opinion!
  • Continue to add content to our articles
  • Collaborate and discuss with other editors - many hands make light work!
Focus - how far we've come

How far have we come since our first newsletter... the answer is quite a lot! Here goes:

  • Hundreds to thousands of articles improved and standardised by many, many editors.
  • 14 new good articles created or added to our project [2]
  • Improved quality of our articles - subjectively and objectively. GAs quadrupled from 5 to 16, B-class articles doubles from 62 to 115, C-class article well on the way to trebling from 219 to 611, Start-class increased from 1,082 to 1,570.
  • Tens to hundreds of mergers performed between tiny, unedited articles - a remnant of our Gray's Anatomy (1918) heritage.
  • Layout guidelines changed and layout standardised for the majority of our articles
  • In the project space:
  • Active integration with wikidata in our infoboxes
  • Overhaul of all of our navboxes
  • Review and integration of all of our templates
  • External link templates reviewed to ensure they all work
  • To help improve anatomical literacy:

These are substantial improvements and my thanks go out to our many editors who played a part in this. These improvements are almost always the result of consensus, compromise, collaboration and discussion between multiple editors.

I hope we can continue to improve in the future. How can you help? Continue to edit, add content, and create a welcoming atmosphere so that new editors will join us.

Well done to us all, and the many anonymous editors who've helped along the way!

This has been transcluded to the talk pages of all active WP:ANATOMY users. To opt-out, leave a message on the talkpage of Tom (LT) or remove your name from the mailing list

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