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Prada case[edit]

Hello Hamptou welcome to Wikipedia. Your recent edits to Prada gender discrimination case had several problems:

  • Your comments are POV slanting the article to one side.
  • CASE 3 and CASE 4 are duplications.
  • Your claim that “Prada Group admitted to sexual harassment is not supported by the reference.
  • Judgement Without Law is only a claim by the plaintiff.
  • “Sexual harassment and discrimination is confirmed,” is not supported by reference.
  • “secret taped “ bad grammar.
  • “…calling her personal mobile phone, convinced to settle the case …” bad grammar.
  • “The same incident happened to two former managers” is merely an unsupported claim by the plainiff.
  • The use of celebrities unconnected to the case is meaningless – plus the sentence implies they are U.N. ambassadors.

Let’s work on the talk page to make the article more neutral and improve grammar. Cheers.Grahamboat (talk) 23:02, 8 January 2014 (UTC)