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JoosTVD (aka The Vanished Dutchman), born 1963(?), started out as a drummer, playing with in several bands (Natural Gas, Second Street Left, Pret In Pettoband). Became restless when he found out he could write songs. Together with his buddy Wijnand Brant- already a duo that recorded a lot of JoosTVD' songs, he assembled some fitting musicians to start a full band "Catch My Drift" around 1987. Untill 1995 they developed a grooovy eclectic show around JoosTVD' songs and toured the Netherlands. Differences about the commercial direction, Wijnand and Joost drifted apart. Since then JoosTVD concentrated on songwriting and recording his own material. After 33 cassettes, he now uses all the digital stuff to create music and spread it on www.

Dutch: Joost is een éénmansformatie, gericht op het schrijven, programmeren, spelen, zingen en opnemen van eigen songs. Doel: vooral een eigen "stem" ontwikkelen, een eigen stempel te drukken op de hedendaagse muziek zonder trends te volgen. Invloeden: vooral jaren 60/70 ( erg eclectische kleurrijke tijd). In het sfeertje van John Martyn, Terry Callier, Todd Rundgren...

From Totally fuzzy: "Next to the regular music industry as most of us know it, there is of course a parallel circuit that's been around probably since the 60s, if not earlier. One could call it a cottage music industry, where people with talent that are not interested in all the hype and nonsense that usually goes along with being in showbusiness decide to do their own thing on their own terms. Some of them still make it to a larger audience, others just enjoy flying below the radar. With today's technology anybody can record, mix and even master a professional sounding album in their own bedroom, IF they have the talent. Since VST instruments have become popular you can even run an almost authentic Moog or ARP synth on your own PC, not to mention all the guitar Amp and Effects simulations and professional mixing and mastering audio processing plugins like WAVES. I won't even go into the PRO Mac recording stuff. Here's an interesting collection I found on soundcloud. Home made, and all DIY, but definitely worth a listen. You'll be fascinated, surprised, at times grinning and at other times frowning. If you like Terry Callier and John Martyn and the likes give it a spin".


   1980-1997 Songwriting, 33 C-90 min. of tape recordings
   1998 Now On Cd
   1999 Tarts
   1999 Rub Your Face In It
   2000 Big Shoes To Fill
   2000 Thanks For Stopping By
   2001 Colour Me Black Or White
   2002 He's Your Buddy
   2004 That's Me With The Ball
   2005 Gift Shot
   2007 Volumed 10
   2008 Hé José
   2009 You Know Your Dad
   2009 When The Left Foot Fits The Right Shoe
   2010 The Vanished Dutchman
   2011 Orson Nietes

Links & info:

JoosTVD's Blogspot Bandcamp Jamendo MySpace SoundcloudHeyjose (talk) 01:10, 26 August 2011 (UTC)

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