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Hello Hjalnobel, and Welcome to Wikipedia!

Welcome to Wikipedia! I hope you enjoy the encyclopedia and want to stay. As a first step, you may wish to read the Introduction.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me at my talk page – I'm happy to help. Or, you can ask your question at the New contributors' help page.

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Hjalnobel, good luck, and have fun.Aboutmovies (talk) 15:55, 6 February 2014 (UTC)

Hjalnobel, you are invited to the Teahouse[edit]

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Hi Hjalnobel! Thanks for contributing to Wikipedia.
Be our guest at the Teahouse! The Teahouse is a friendly space where new editors can ask questions about contributing to Wikipedia and get help from peers and experienced editors. I hope to see you there! Ushau97 (I'm a Teahouse host)

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February 2014[edit]

Information icon Please do not add inappropriate external links to Wikipedia, as you did to Malaysia. Wikipedia is not a collection of links, nor should it be used for advertising or promotion. Inappropriate links include, but are not limited to, links to personal websites, links to websites with which you are affiliated (whether as a link in article text, or a citation in an article), and links that attract visitors to a website or promote a product. See the external links guideline and spam guideline for further explanations. Because Wikipedia uses the nofollow attribute value, its external links are disregarded by most search engines. If you feel the link should be added to the page, please discuss it on the associated talk page rather than re-adding it. Thank you. — "ʀᴜ" ɴᴏᴛ ʀᴜssɪᴀɴ ᴡʜᴜᴛ? 13:00, 25 February 2014 (UTC)[edit]

June 2014[edit]

Please stop adding inappropriate external links to Wikipedia. It is considered spamming and Wikipedia is not a vehicle for advertising or promotion. Because Wikipedia uses nofollow tags, additions of links to Wikipedia will not alter search engine rankings. If you continue spamming, you may be blocked from editing Wikipedia. [1] Deli nk (talk) 11:53, 25 June 2014 (UTC)

Stop icon You may be blocked from editing without further warning the next time you insert a spam link. Persistent spammers may have their websites blacklisted, preventing anyone from linking to them from all Wikimedia sites as well as potentially being penalized by search engines. And can you tell us what your relationship with Business Anti Corruption Portal / GAN is? SpacemanSpiff 19:42, 25 June 2014 (UTC)

Proposed deletion of Corruption in Mozambique[edit]

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The article Corruption in Mozambique has been proposed for deletion because of the following concern:

Unreferenced for over two months - doesn't seem to serve a purpose. Was originally a spam article, with said links removed there's not much left in the article. Was previously deleted as a cvio.

While all constructive contributions to Wikipedia are appreciated, content or articles may be deleted for any of several reasons.

You may prevent the proposed deletion by removing the {{proposed deletion/dated}} notice, but please explain why in your edit summary or on the article's talk page.

Please consider improving the article to address the issues raised. Removing {{proposed deletion/dated}} will stop the proposed deletion process, but other deletion processes exist. In particular, the speedy deletion process can result in deletion without discussion, and articles for deletion allows discussion to reach consensus for deletion. Dusti*Let's talk!* 22:27, 20 August 2014 (UTC)