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just seeing something don't bother[edit]

Kya: Dark Lineage contains a variety of items unique to its fictional world.

Unless noted otherwise, all of these items except the telescope, are fictional.



Boomies are boomerang-like weapons which Kya can throw with various results. There are three different boomies in the game.

Basic Boomy: Is yellow and is used to cut cords, as well as destroy objects and certain enemies.

Silver Boomy: Is silver blue color and can do anything the basic boomy can do, with the addition that Kya can use it to aim precicely from first person view at objects and enemies.

Golden Boomy: Is a golden colored boomy and can do anything that the basic boomy and the silver boomy can do, with the addition that Kya can control where it goes.

Fighting Bracelet[edit]

thumb|138px|right|fighting braceletFighting bracelets give Kya new fighting abilities. There are 8 different fighting bracelets, with new ones appearing in shops as the game progresses and each one becoming more expensive than the last. The game features a white, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, silver, and gold bracelet, in appearing order.


There are three different kinds of fruit with three different abilities.

 thumb|138px|left|life fruit

Life Fruit : Increases Kya's health.

thumb|80px|right|strength fruit

Strength Fruit : Allows Kya to be stronger for a limited amount of time.

thumb|70px|left|invincibility fruit

Invincibility Fruit : Allows Kya to be invincible for a limited amount of time.

Magic Boards[edit]

thumb|138px|right|magic board There are two kinds of magic boards. The first allows Kya to jump over objects in the way on a slope, whilst the second one allows Kya to jump over them and go faster on a slope.

Jamgut Whistle[edit]

thumb|50px|left|jamgut whistle Lets Kya ride and control a Jamgut.


thumb|138px|right|telescope Allows Kya to view far away objects.

Extra Energy Bar[edit]

thumb|138px|left|extra energy bar. Gives Kya an extra health bar.


There are two types of bombs trap bombs and electric bombs.

Trap Bombs: Allow Kya to capture rare animals.

thumb|138px|left|electric bomb

Electric Bombs: Shock nearby enemies.

=Climbing Gloves[edit]

Allow Kya to climb on slippery materials.

Magic Bouncer[edit]

Allows kya to jump from one wall to another.


Mana Balls[edit]

thumb|138px|left|mana ball Magic orbs which allow Kya to use her magic abilities.


thumb|138px|right|a piece of the 7 runes Runes are ancient artifacts made of pure energy. Kya needs the receptacle in order to group the runes together, which will open a passage to bring Kya back home. Collecting them also increases Kya’s magic capacity.


thumb|138px|left|a nooty Nooties are a form of money which the Nativs use. Kya can use nooties to purchase new abilities and items, as well as participate in challenges in Nativ City.


thumb|138px|right|an armotos Amortos are mushroom-like plants filled with air. Kya can use them to cushion her fall from a freefall. Kya can also throw her boomy at one to blast away nearby enemies.


thumb|138px|left|amber stone Amber is scattered in all of the worlds in Kya: Dark Lineage. Amber stones contain mystical energy that allows Kya to completely heal herself from injuries by using mana balls. The giant amber stone in Nativ City does not require the use of Kya’s mana balls.thumb|138px|right|Picture of Nativ City’s giant amber stone.

Shell Elevators[edit]

thumb|138px|right|1st,closed,2nd opened ,3rd inside the giant tree. Shell elevators exist in all of the worlds and allow access to Nativ City and other shell elevators in the same world. They were closed by Brazul. Kya must use her magic abilities to reopen them. Once Kya has opened a shell elevator, kya can jump on one of the round stones to activate an air current which can lead her to a certain destination where she has been already. A picture of the destination and number of Wolfens in that area are shown. When Kya has selected a destination, she can jump into the elevator and is promptly brought to the destination by an air current. Inside a gigantic tree in Nativ City are all the elevators to each world, which allow access to the opened shell elevator in the respective worlds.

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no bother[edit]


This is a list of characters in the Kya: Dark Lineage game.Not all of the characters are introduced in the Kya: Dark Lineage article,they are instead shown here, Note that this list includes characters that aren't characters but monsters. This includes All references to the "video game" collectively refer to Kya: Dark Lineage only, unless noted otherwise.

Main characters[edit]


thumb|70px|left|kya Kya is a teenager from Brooklyn.Kya is a strong and willing girl that nothing can stop kya not Inter-dimensional travel, threat of world destruction, hundreds of powerful enemies; what doesn't kill Kya definitely makes the woman stronger. Kya has found the hero within, she combines her new strength to right what has gone wrong.Kya Is the heroine of kya dark lineage. Kya first appears in the beginning where she is sleeping on a desk,and hears something,she then finds her brother frank,frank then touches a medallion, kya and frank get transported to the new universe where the story begins.


thumb|100px|left|brazulBrazul is the ruler of the parallel universe and the creator of evil wolfens, he possesses terrifying magical powers and knowledge, by perfecting the transformation of nativs to wolfens Brazul. He is Kya's father and the reason why Kya is in the parallel world.


thumb|100px|left|atea Atea is the cheif nativ,he helps kya on her missions and tells her where to go and how to get there.Kya first meets atea when aton brings kya to nativ city, atea tells kya that she came from another universe and that brazul is turning nativs into wolfen.


thumb|100px|left|aton Aton is a nativ that helps kya on her missions. Kya first meets aton when she is awoken by a few nativs including aton while they are in the world the roots,aton also brings kya to nativ city.


thumb|100px|left|stuff Stuff is a rare species of animal that allows Atea to contact Kya by telepathy while Kya is on a mission,stuff can also give kya tips on what to do or where to go.


thumb|100px|left|kya's brother frank Frank is Kya’s brother,frank is the one who found alan's secret room in kya and frank's house and the one who found earth's medallion,when frank arrives to the new universe he is not with kya and he is taken away by wolfen to Brazul’s laboratory.

Other characters[edit]


thumb|100px|left|nativs Nativs are a gentle tribe that are snatched by brazul and turned into wolfens,they live in nativ city,when kya transforms a wolfen back into a nativ they help build more shops for kya so she can buy new items on her quest.


thumb|300px|center|wolfen Wolfen are the terrible army of Brazul, former Nativs mutated by evil. The only way for kya to transform a Wolfen back into a nativ is by knocking them out in a normal fight without her boomy,and exorcise them.


thumb|100px|left|Area Area is a nativ that usually tells kya about somehing she does not know and will be useful to her.Area tells kya about nooties and how they are nativ cities currency,he also tells her about exercising wolfen.


thumb|120px|left|Akasa Akasa is a nativ that trains kya to fight hand by hand with the help of the magic fighting bracelets that help kya learn special abilities.Everytime kya gets a new bracelet stuff tells kya to try out her new fighting bracelet at akasa's dojo.

Atea's bird[edit]

thumb|70px|left|Atea's bird Atea's bird is atea's pet and says something witty when kya goes on a new mission.

The snore[edit]

The snore is an unseen character that the nativs talk about, they tell kya that he is so boring that she shouldn't let him talk to her.



thumb|70px|left|a normal micken Mickens are greedy little creatures.Kya can use mickens as a soccer ball to roll it onto a button or a trap,kya can also us them to jump on to get to a higher area.There are rare colored mickens,that come in blue,yellow,gold and white.

Unoticed creatures[edit]

[[:Image:Crowsinkyadarklineage.jpg|thumb|120px|left|kya looking at crows through the telescope]] Crows fly through the sky in very far away places in Kya: Dark Lineage,they are usually seen in nativ city.

[[:Image:Kya butterfly.JPG|thumb|120px|left|kya looking at butterflies through the telescope]] Butterflies fly away when kya steps over a patch of flowers on the ground.



thumb|130px|left|3 green sinocs Sinocs are spikey green monsters that attack kya with their spikes when she goes by them.There is a rare sinoc that is red.

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The Universe[edit]

200px|thumb|left|picture of the universe. The universe,is the universe that kya travels around in.

The Roots[edit]

thumb|left|picture of the roots world. The Roots is a forest world.The Roots is the world that Kya accidently transported to when the talisman was activated,Kya meets aton and other nativs that are running away from wolfen,aton helps kya run from the wolfen, when kya and aton are no longer being chased by wolfen aton brings Kya to the entrance to nativ city,but first kya and aton take care of a wolfen gaurding the entrance to Nativ City,kya and aton then go to Nativ City. thumb|138px|right|The place in the roots where kya begins in the game.

The Roots Trivia[edit]

The Roots is one of the two worlds that are connected to Nativ City and is accessible from Nativ City.

  • Kya is able to go to The Roots right away once she gets a weapon.
  • Kya later returns to retrieve a rune that is in the world of The Roots.
  • The Roots have 4 shell elevators.
  • There is one rare animal in The Roots a yellow micken.

Nativ City[edit]

thumb|left|picture of nativ city world. Nativ City is the world where the nativs live.In Nativ city Aton introduces kya to Atea,Atea tells Kya about how brazul is capturing nativs and turning the nativs into wolfen,he tells her that frank is with brazul and tells kya that in order to return to her world she must collect the receptacle and 7 runes in order to make the talisman that will bring kya and frank back home.thumb|138px|right|Nativ City right by the giant tree

Nativ City Trivia[edit]

  • Nativ City is where Kya meets Atea and Akasa.
  • Kya can talk to other nativs,buy items,fight wolfen dummies and play minigames in nativ city.
  • In Nativ City there is a giant amber stone that Kya can heal herself with, without the use of mana balls. thumb|138px|right|Kya in front of the giant amber stone.
  • Nativ city contains a zoo where Kya can catch rare animals with a trap bomb and find each of them on any of the worlds of Kya: Dark Lineage and give it to the zoo for nooties (money), *Nativ city contains a giant tree with all of the shell elevators to the other worlds.
  • More shops open up in Nativ City as Kya frees more nativs from Brazul.
  • Nativ City contains one rare animal, a blue micken, that Kya can capture and give to the Nativ City Zoo.

Flying Forest[edit]

thumb|138px|left|picture of flying forest world Flying forest is a flying forest full of plants, animals and monsters, board slopes and free falling winds.thumb|138px|right|a picture of flying forest’s grassy terrain The flying forest is the first world kya goes to, kya first goes to the flying forest to retrieve a blue egg that contains a flying creature called stuff that allows atea to talk to kya from nativ city, then when she buys a magic board at nativ city she goes back to the flying forest to go to an unaccessible area only accessible by a magic board, the new area contains the receptacle which will allow kya to find and equip the runes to her belt, allowing her to gain more magic and be a little bit closer to going back to her universe, the flying forest also has a wolfen base that kya must go to in order to get to the hunters domain and the air post. Before going to hunters domain kya finds a rune before the entrance to the hunters domain, but before she can go to the hunters domain kya has to fight a giant fire wormlike creature The flying forest is the most scenic world of Kya: Dark Lineage thumb|138px|left|a picture of the flying forest In the flying forest there is one rare animal, a red sinoc monster that kya can capture and give to the nativ city zoo. The flying forest has 4 shell elevators.

Hunters Domain[edit]

thumb|left|picture of hunter’s domain world Hunter’s domain is a world full of rocky terrain, it is also the first world where kya rides a jamgut which is a two legged creature that can jump very high, kya uses a jamgut to jump across cliffs. When kya enters hunters domain atea communicates with stuff and tells kya that the hunter wolfen has kidnapped him, kya then goes through hunters domain looking for atea, and when she finds atea she has to fight the hunter wolfen, after she defeats the hunter wolfen it falls of the cliff to never been seen of again. thumb|138px|left|a picture of hunter’s domain Kya can find two rare animals in the hunters domain she can find a red dog and a gray white bone creature called a shooter. There is also a rune in hunters domain that kya can get anytime she goes to hunters domain. In hunters domain kya can get to the world, the quarry. Hunters domain has 6 shell elevators.

The quarry[edit]

thumb|left|the quarry world The quarry is a world full of mountains and mist. When kya visits the quarry she needs to get to the amber mine because there is a cannon there that can bring kya to the fortress where brazul lives , aton helps her get their but kya finds out that aton was on the same side as brazul, when she finds this out she goes into a battle with thumb|138px|right|a picture of the quarry brazul, after the battle kya heals herself with the amber but when she does that it causes the amber mine to start to collapse, brazul says that he will only save kya if she hands him all of the runes that she has, kya declines his offer and runs off to a nearby shell elevator. There is one rune in the quarry. There is also only one rare animal, a white micken. The quarry contains the only way to get to the world wolfen city besides using a shell elevator. There are 4 shell elevators in the quarry.

The Air Post[edit]

thumb|left|the air post world The air post is a big rocky floating island. Kya goes to the air post to get the rune that is there, and to get to the forgotten island. There is one rare animal at the air post a black and white shocker.thumb|138px|right|a picture of the beginning of the air post The air post has 4 shell elevators.

Forgotten Island[edit]

thumb|left|a picture of the forgotten island world The forgotten island is full of rocks and lava. Kya goes to the forgotten island to find and rescue frank and to obtain a rune there. There is one rare animal on the forgotten island a blue slug monster. There are 5 shell elevators on the forgotten island. thumb|138px|right| a picture of the forgotten world

Wolfen City[edit]

thumb|left|a picture of the wolfen city world. Wolfen city is a grassy misty mountain terrain. Kya goes to wolfen city to go to a transporter that will transport kya to the fortress where she will battle brazul. When kya gets there ninja wolfen ambush her and take her to the inside of wolfen city where it is very hard to get out, when the wolfen take her inside wolfen city brazul takes all of the things she has and locks her up in a cage, kya then escapes by taunting a wolfen, kya then finds her stuff to find out that brazul took all of her runes, kya then escapes in one piece.thumb|138px|right|wolfen city.There is one rare animal in wolfen city a golden micken. There are only 3 shell elevators in wolfen city.

The Fortress[edit]

thumb|left|brazul’s fortress. thumb|138px|right|the gates of brazul’s fortress The fortress is a dark,cloudy island. This is the last world in Kya: Dark Lineage it is also where brazul lives and kya’s last mission. Kya comes here to fight and exorcize the last 13 wolfen and defeat brazul. There is only one shell elevator in the fortress. thumb|138px|right|eden game’s e card of brazul’s fortress.

Uncharted islands[edit]

thumb|138px|left|kya looking at two uncharted islands in the flying forest. There are flying uncharted islands in Kya: Dark Lineage that fly in the sky, kya cannot go to the uncharted islands but she can see them.

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Jessica from trinity blood[edit]


Image:Trinity blood jessica.JPG Image:Trinity blood jessica 2.JPG Voiced by: unknown (Japanese); Amber Cotton (English)

'Appeared in the first episode,Flight Night'

Jessica is a clumsy girl that is a waitress on an air ship,she tells father nightroad that she wants to be an airship pilot.When a vampire named Alfred of the Fleurs du Mal hijacks the ship he kills all the other people on board except for jessica and of course father nightroad,when father nightroad fights the vampire and wins they find out that no one is steering the ship and that if nothing is done the airship will crash,luckily jessica was trining to be an airship pilot, and was able to land the airship safely.

I put this on the List of Trinity Blood characters When i first watched [[trinity blood] i thought jessica would be a main character but she only appears in the first episode, i think she is cool but mostly because she reminds me of viki from the suikoden series.

Suikoden tierkreis characters[edit]

This is a list of characters in the Nintendo Ds computer role-playing game Suikoden Tierkreis. The hero is a young 15 year old boy living in Citro Village, along with friends Marica, Liu, Jale and Dirk. No characters from the other Suikodens appear in this game becuase of it being in another world.

Citro Village Characters[edit]

Characters that live in Citro village but join the hero on his quest.


A young spunky 15 year old boy that is an orphan and was found and taken in by elder Rajim. After going to a nearby area with Marica, liu, Jale and Dirk, a forest appears and no one except him knows that the forest was never there before; everyone else says the forest was also there. They decide to go in the forest and they find a strange book that gives the hero, Jale and Marica powers. To thier dismay Liu and Dirk do not get any powers, but Marica and Jale now say there wasn't a forest before. Eventually the hero finds out about The Order which is a group that think everything was predetermined and forces people to do what the order makes them do, the hero decides to stop the order. The hero's weapon is a Cudgel.


A young girl that is the daughter of the elder of Citro village, she is one of the hero's friends. Marica's weapon is a bow and arrow.


A boy who came to the village three years prior to the game, his background is mysterious but he is the hero's best friend. He is actually a member of the scribes and ran away from the scribe village becuase he didn't like how they run things in the scribe village. His weapon is a magic staff.


A young man who is a trusty ally to the hero and a good friend too. His weapon is fists.


A gaurd of Citro Village, he is very jelous of the hero and friends after they obtain a strange power. He wields a spear in battle.


Marica's sister that thinks of Marica, the hero, Jale and Liu as her children, and always worries about them and tells them that "salt water is great for wounds". She constantly refers herself as thier mother to the point that Marica finds creepy and the hero constantly tells her she isn't his mother. Her weapon is a bow & arrow.


Rajim is the chief of Citro village and father to Sisuca and Marica.


Jale's Mother whom he refers to as "the Storm" Her weapon is fists.

Tehah Village[edit]

People who are recruited in Tehah Village.


A wise old man that knows everything and is able to tell the hero about things he may be unsure about.


An 11 year old boy that is friends with a Dogha a mountain hermit that lives in the Ch'oloui mountains. After the Furious roar appear he thinks that something in the world is different, but can't seem to figure out what is different until the hero let's him touch a false chronicle. His weapon is throwing knives.


Characters mostly the porpoise-kin race.


The greatest warrior of Naineneis. His weapon is a spear.


A cheerful porpoise-kin that loves to sing and is one of the best warriors. Her weapon is a boomerang.


A porpoise-kin that loves to sleep and spends most of his time asleep. He is one of the best warriors. His weapon is a spear.


The leader and priestess of Naineneis, sometimes the ancient goddess Ninulneda takes over Neira's body to tell the hero something. Her weapon is a magical staff.


A Prankster porpoise-kin that likes to get people in trouble. After going too far Neira forces him to join the hero as punishment. He wields a spear in battle.


Neira's attendant that can't stand being away from Neira, and is afraid she may be harmed. her weapon is a sword.