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February 2012[edit]

Welcome to Wikipedia. It might not have been your intention, but your recent edit removed content from Jonathan Caouette. When removing content, please specify a reason in the edit summary and discuss edits that are likely to be controversial on the article's talk page. If this was a mistake, don't worry; the content has been restored, as you can see from the page history. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia, and if you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. Thank you. -- Doniago (talk) 13:40, 9 February 2012 (UTC)

It appears that either Matthew Mishory or someone posing as the filmmaker has created this account and chosen Mishory's production company, Iconoclastic Features, as his or her Wikipedia user name. Mishory's relevance as a filmmaker is undeniable, but the account's only edits appear to have been made to articles related to Mishory's projects - namely, Derek Jarman, Jonathan Caouette, Clint Catalyst, and James Preston (actor). Notably, on the latter page, an edit was added claiming that the actor was "best known" for his role in Joshua Tree 1951: A Portrait of James Dean - an as-yet unreleased indie film. I am not disputing Mishory's notability in any way, but I can't help but feel concern that these edits may conflict with WP:NPOV.
Additionally, I noticed on Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman, an article regarding one of Mishory's films, similar edits using very promotional language were added by IP address - which seems to match the location of Iconoclastic Features, as per the address given on I believe that all of these edits were made in good faith, but perhaps misguided - is there another editor who may be able to help assist this user so as not to violate WP:NPOV or harm the filmmaker's reputation?Feather Jonah (talk) 03:57, 2 March 2012 (UTC)

Welcome to Wikipedia![edit]

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Hello! Iconoclasticfeatures, you are invited to visit the Teahouse; an awesome place to meet fellow new editors and friendly Wikipedia hosts. It's a great place to ask questions and learn more about Wikipedia. I hope you'll join us! SarahStierch (talk) 01:51, 1 March 2012 (UTC)
p.s. I saw you made an edit to the Derek Jarman article, he's one of my favorite directors! SarahStierch (talk) 01:51, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

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