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Welcome to Wikipedia!
Hey there, JBLanteigne! I'm glad you decided to register a new account here on Wikipedia. We're always looking for new editors to help improve the project, because believe me, there's always something to be done! Wikipedia often seems very large to newcomers (it did to me, at least), so I've put together this little guide to help you get started. I hope this helps, and as always, happy editing! Hersfold (t/a/c) 19:42, 24 October 2007 (UTC)

Some Quick Tips

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes - Be Bold! That's how things get done, and there is always someone around to help you out if you need it.
  • Remember to sign your posts on talk pages, like this one. You can click Button sig.png this button on your editing toolbar, or just type in four tildes (~~~~) That way, people know who they're talking to and who to go to if they have a question for you.
  • Take some time to read a few of the help files, especially if you're new to Wikimarkup. Knowing the basics can save a lot of time and frustration down the road. I've provided some of these pages, as well as some common policies, at right.
  • If you ever have a question, there are plenty of places to ask! You can come talk to me, add the code {{helpme|your question}} to your talk page here, post a question on the talk page of the article you have a question about, or post something on the Help Desk or Reference Desk.
  • Check out the ways to get involved below - each of these suggestions are good ways for a new editor to get involved in the Wikipedia project.
  • Most importantly, get out there and edit! Thanks again for signing on!

Important Links to Remember

Some things you can get started with:

Articles needing cleanup ↔↔ Fighting vandalism ↔↔ Join a "Wikiproject" ↔↔ Adopt-a-User ↔↔ Starting your first article ↔↔ The Community Tasklist