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I am now proud owner of a TUSC account!

Tamil calendar - correction proposed.[edit]

Dear Jayabharat, This is with reference to the pdf file uploaded in the path with caption Tamil Calendar 2013. This is a great work and I appreciate your effort towards this. I would like to propose a correction in the way it is written. As the language itself is phonetic, the numerics shall also be written as phonetic (written as the way we speak), instead of writing as a buch of digits as in the case of the hindu - arabic numbers.

The number 10 shall be written as ௰, as you have correctly written.

The following numbers shall be written in as follows 11 - ௰௧ 12 - ௰௨ 13 - ௰௩ 14 - ௰௪ 15 - ௰௫ 16 - ௰௬ 17 - ௰௭ 18 - ௰௮ 19 - ௰௯ 20 - ௨௰ 21 - ௨௰௧ 22 - ௨௰௨ 23 - ௨௰௩ 24 - ௨௰௪ 25 - ௨௰௫ 26 - ௨௰௬ 27 - ௨௰௭ 28 - ௨௰௮ 29 - ௨௰௯ 30 - ௩௰ 31 - ௩௰௧ 32 - ௩௰௨

Requesting you to correct your calendar pdf as per this.

Bharanidharan Selvaraj (talk) 15:35, 18 August 2014 (UTC)

Using font tags in your signature[edit]

Hello there! I'm working on a project trying to bring most of the coding on Wikipedia up to the most current standards (HTML5), and I noticed that your signature is using <font>...</font> tags which were deprecated in HTML 4.0 Transitional, marked as invalid in 4.0 Strict, and are not part of HTML5 at all. I'd love to help you update your signature to use newer code, and if you're interested, I suggest replacing:

<span style="border:1px solid #000000;padding:1px;"><b>[[User:Jayabharat|<font style="color:Yellow;background:Black;">RAT</font>]]</b> [[Special:Contributions/Jayabharat|-.-]]   [[User_talk:Jayabharat|<font style="color:Blue;">Poke it</font>]]</span>


<span style="border:1px solid #000000;padding:1px;">[[User:Jayabharat|<b style="color:Yellow;background:Black;">RAT</b>]] [[Special:Contributions/Jayabharat|-.-]]   [[User_talk:Jayabharat|<span style="color:Blue;">Poke it</span>]]</span>

which will result in a 237 character long signature (13 characters shorter) with an appearance of: RAT -.- Poke itcompared to your existing 250 character long signature of: RAT -.- Poke it — Either way. Happy editing!

Thanks, I will update it now.

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