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User:Ron liebman[edit]

Don't expect a response. That user has been changing things based on his own alleged personal research, does not provide any actual evidence, and has ignored all questions about it. Given that, I would not rely on anything he posts about Sam Rice or Christy Mathewson or Casey Stengel or MLB streaks. If the standard sources give a particular date, I recommend you change it back until the user answers the questions posed to him. Wahkeenah 19:26, 9 April 2007 (UTC)

                                                               Jeff - According to painstaking of research of the internet and research done by reponsible baseball researchers, and geneological researchers,  Casey Stengel was born in 1889, Sam Rice in 1889, and Christy Mathewson in 1878.  WEithin the spirit of rule 1024 (c) if not the letter of the rule, Matsui is entitled to 519 consecutive games (total 1769) and many baseball statisticians credit him with 529.  That guy Wahkeenah is devekping into an internet clown, who changes things back.  Disregard him.  (Sincerely, Ron Liebman)

Then you need to contact the Hall of Fame with your concrete documentation and get it officially changed. (JC)