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This page follows User talk:Jerzy/Proofreader77 DR/0 in the series of pages dedicated to my record of communications to and from me re User:Proofreader77's dispute-resolution process.

Multiply-named section American warning"> American"> American warning">[edit]

Former Titles of the Section that This Section Concerns:

Talk page work
Talk page work > American warning

This section is (presumably, prior to live testing) the target the following lks to titles that it formerly bore:

I believe one of the previous section titles, "Talk page work > American warning", was the target only (but interchangably) of

User talk:Jerzy#Talk page work > American warning and
User talk:Jerzy#Talk page work .3E American warning.

However, that title (which broke, until now, without any apparent concern by the title-changing editor, any existing lks to User talk:Jerzy#Talk page work) also would have invited use of broken markups intended as links, or targetless links, such as the following:

[[User talk:Jerzy#American warning]]
[[User talk:Jerzy#> American warning]]
[[User talk:Jerzy#Talk page work > American warning]]
[[User talk:Jerzy#Talk page work > American warning]]
User talk:Jerzy#> American warning

Thus, in an excess of caution, i have created a ten-anchored heading, that should act as the target for any well-formed link that would have been the target of previous section titles, or plausibly chosen attempts at such, and including the new descriptive heading.

Notice: I hereby give due notice that i place the following reasonable constructions on the apparently widely accepted statement that i have seen on at least one project-space page, to the effect that msgs removed by a user from their own talk page may be presumed to have been read by them:

  1. Archiving a talk page, with a link to the archive, does not constitute "removal" in the sense intended in such statements.
  2. Removing the text of a discussion on a talk page for stated good cause, stating that cause, stating that it is to be considered as "included, by reference, as part of" the page, and providing a lk to it on another WP page, does not constitute "removal" in the sense intended in such statements (nor for that matter is it equivalent to "archiving", FWIW).

In light of each of those constructions, and the statement that follows this paragraph, i note that (altho i at least skimmed large sections of the former text before my statement to the effect that i did not intend to give attention to further additions to it), i do not warrant myself as having detailed knowledge of what i read, nor sufficient knowledge to place what later portions i have since noticed into any meaningful context. I thus declare any inference that i am informed about the material in question to be abusive and unfounded.

Notice: I have removed from this talk page the text of the section most recently titled "Talk page work >American warning", because its length approximated 26.5 Kb, rendering impractical normal use of the talk page without neglecting the long-standing request to avoid letting pages approach or exceed 32Kb in length. It is, however to be considered as included, by reference, as part of this talk page. For perhaps a few days, it can be accessed on my archive at User talk:Jerzy/Phase 03#Talk page work .3E American warning, and i will alter this section accordingly, when that material moves from that archive page to its own page.
--Jerzyt 08:09, 1 April 2009 (UTC)

  • NOTE: May 1 delivery of mapping postponed to broaden scope. Estimate ~Sept. 1. (Excuse late notice, hoped to have an opportunity to complete this, but plate didn't get cleared. Feel free to clear talk page. (I have link to your archive copy.)
    -- (signing like you do now:) Proofreader77 (talk) 02:15, 30 April 2009 (UTC)