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Greetings. At the 1980 Founder's day banquet in Hong Kong, Wu Gongzao was recognised as head of family by Wu Daqi, Wu Yanxia, Wu Daxin and Wu Guangyu. When Wu Gongzao passed away, it went to his sister, Wu Yinghua, and I was interviewed by her in 1994, where my colleagues and I were presented to her for her evaluation in her capacity as "gatekeeper". Wu Guangyu (Eddie) told me then by way of explanation that it was whoever was oldest of Quanyuo's living descendants with the name "Wu", and this is how it is presented on his federation website. Sifu Eddie is currently the oldest, and he runs the show now. when he passes away, whoever is oldest will take over unless they decline the position. --Fire Star 火星 14:47, 18 July 2007 (UTC)