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Saverx (talk) 23:11, 12 August 2008 (UTC)My name is Isaiah Mosley! I don't know who Yeshiyah Amariel is for starters! Except that he wrote the Amariel Family Oral History. Also I see something about him connected to various Jews for Obama, AIPAC and DA Israel. So don't pin me to that wall.

Secondly, this page is under serious revisement and continual reference adding to confirm statements made within it. As for the sources being made by Howshua Amariel, for the exception of the Amariel Family Publishing website, I doubt that they are because most don't talk about him in a bias manner and most of my information is used from newspapers (although I do use webpages to help web-only users). This page falls under a Biography of living person in which self-published books, zines, websites, and blogs should only be used if written or published by the subject of the article. So because I've found information published on his website that make certain statements I added them in here in a very neutral manner.

As for the Jewish thing, he's a rabbi (in Israel; originally from Chicago) that deals with other Orthodox, Reform, Black Hebrew or Hebrew rabbis and groups appearently all over the world. It doesn't seem to me that he is Messianic Jew or not (I have nothing to prove anything of the sort either way). In any case, because of his appearent dealings and acceptance among various recognized Jewish sources it would seem slanderous to even imply that he was anything other than what he is know to be. But he also an activist, researcher, and I guest a Native American chief according to some sources. I have found much on him, so I'm currently making a straight forward sum from what I've found and know on him.