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Straw man proposal for Robert A. Heinlein bibliography[edit]

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The science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) was productive during a writing career that spanned the last 49 years of his life and thus the Robert A. Heinlein bibliography includes 32 novels, 59 short stories and 16 collections published during his life. Four films, two TV series, several episodes of a radio series, and a board game derive more or less directly from his work. He wrote a screenplay for one of the films. Heinlein edited an anthology of other writers' SF short stories.

Three non-fiction books and two poems have been published posthumously. One novel has been published posthumously and another, an unusual collaboration, was published in 2006. Four collections have been published posthumously.

Jack Woodford's books on writing and getting published were important to Heinlein's early career.

Heinlein's fictional works can be found in the library under Library of Congress PS3515.E288, or under Dewey 813.54. Known pseudonyms include Anson MacDonald (4 times), Lyle Monroe (7), John Riverside (1), Caleb Saunders (1), and Simon York (1).[1]

Published works[edit]

This is the chronological order of first publication, with the exception of the 1938 first novel which was published essentially unaltered poshumously.





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