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Hi Joels341:

Welcome to Wikipedia, in case no-one else has said that. You asked about my removing some of the links in the Resistor article. I've just now had a look at

and I couldn't find a policy, as such, that says a link should only be used once per article. From what I've read of other articles, it seems the convention is to use a link once,(or maybe once in a section) then other references are in plan text.

When I'm reading I alwayss get the feeling "Hey, look at this" every time I see a link. I find this distracting when there are many links close together -but this is definitely a personal observation and may not be how others feel about it. From the technical writing courses my employer keeps sending me to, I've also been told that it's a good idea not to repeat excessively in the same sentence. As Snoopy said, "Good writing is hard." --Wtshymanski 14:04, 14 May 2005 (UTC)