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Sage Kuchi Dog[edit]

Sir, I don't exactly what you posted to the Kuchi dog page, but would like to know more about the Kuchi dog and who the experts are. Alex

Linnehanaj@yahoo.com174.110.72.125 (talk) 02:54, 10 November 2015 (UTC)

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text permission request[edit]

Hi John,

I work for Oxford University Press and am inquiring about permission to reprint an excerpt from your translation, 'John E. Hill, trans., “The Western Regions according to the Hou Hanshu,” Through the Jade Gate -- China to Rome: A Study of The Silk Routes 1st to 2nd Centuries CE, Volume 1 (Charleston, South Carolina: CreateSpace, 2015), 23-25.'

Can you get in touch with me about this?

many thanks! (talk) 18:38, 20 November 2015 (UTC)

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Any reason for removing the recently added section on talk page of history of Christianity in India?[edit]

Can you tell me genuinely that why did you remove that section from history of Christianity in India talk page? Was it in any way violating any Wikipedia rules? Or you are one of those fundamentalist Christians who want to prove Christianity reached India by 52 AD while there is no evidence for it?

And why should Tibet be free? Why not Alaska and Hawaii be free? You should know that days of western supremacy are now going down fast and there is no need for the non-western world to accept biased western point of view of looking at things. Time has come to question each and everything which western people have imposed on others. We also question American intervention in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, role of US govt in creating ISIS and atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because we do not believe the American story that it was necessary to stop the war because the war ended anyway.

Reply to Anonymous[edit]

Dear Anonymous: First of all - I will mainly reply to the very critical note you added to the page Talk:Christianity in India - as I don't think it would be useful to argue about the many other issues you raise which seem to have little bearing on this article. I will discuss some of the reasons why I reversed your edit below.
However, I do feel I must object to your totally unjustified attacks on me personally, and your unfounded assumptions - such as insinuating that I support "western supremacy" and that I might be a fundamentalist Christian - neither of which is true. In fact I have, since my youth, frequently argued against both "western supremacy" and so-called "fundamentalist Christainity" (in the sense of militant, puritanical Christianity) and, for that matter, similar extreme "fundamentalist" branches of other religions and political philosophies. But, most important here is the fact, that they are not in the least pertinent to the discussion of Christianity in India. So, please stop these rude, unjustified ad hominen attacks!
Let us try to stay focussed. You called the tradition (or story or myth if you prefer)of St. Thomas coming to India , a "lie." These are harsh words indeed, and probably very hurtful to the Indian Christians who believe in them. Wikipedia is, I believe, not an apropriate place to attack people's religious beliefs. There is still a considerable community of believers of this tradition who live in Kerala, South India. See the WP article: Saint Thomas Christians for more details (and, again, you will find many references which you find interesting to check).
Furthermore, your note was full of inaccuracies. To give just one example, you write: ". . . how is it believable that primitive Europeans of 1st century had such ships to reach India?" Unfortunately, you seem to be unaware of the facts of history. There was, by the 1st century CE, a major organised and regular maritime trade between Roman Egypt and India. This is absolutely firmly established - through numerous historical records and extensive archaeological evidence. The latter includes, amongst a mass of other evidence, many thousands of early Roman gold coins found in India - which back up the accounts in the literature of the time that the Romans traded gold and silver coins (and other products) with India for spices, and many other products, including even Chinese silks.
For a start, I recommend you read the Wikipedia article Indo-Roman trade relations and check out some of the many excellent references given there. It may be of interest to you that the Chinese historical annals actually record the arrival of envoys from Da Qin (the Roman Empire) in China in 166 CE (or AD). See, for example: Book of the Later Han, and report that traders from the Roman Empire followed, and there is plenty of historical and archaeological evidence showing that ships from the Roman Empire were regualarly visiting India, Sri Lanka and SE Asia during the first two centuries CE. This shows your strange claim that "primitive Europeans" of the first century were incapable of reaching India by sea to be totally unfounded.
So, Sir or Madam, please check your facts first before attacking others and, please, stop accusing me of promoting things I certainly don't believe in. I found your wild accusations not just unjustified and clearly false, but personally hurtful. I ask you to please apologise. Sincerely, John Hill (talk) 07:39, 29 November 2015 (UTC)