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Hello Gadfium, I am JonathanO_Cunha (Me), the Wikipedia editor who tried so desperately to clarify the true historical connection between New Zealand and the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark. I am an American-born Canadian 12th grade student living in Sonoma, California. Yes I am aware that New Zealand was first named after the Dutch province of Zeeland by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman in 1642, but he called it "Nova Zeelanddia", which is Latin for "New Zealand". The Maori people hated Tasman as well as the Dutch and had killed 43 Dutch sailors in an attempt to kill Tasman. Not to mention Zeeland's landscape and culture is hugely different from that of New Zealand. I am also aware of how the Pacific nation's English given name was provided by Captain James Cook of Great Britain after the British took it from the Dutch when the Maori rebelled against Dutch colonization. But you also need to remember, albeit understand to a full extent, that open friendly relationships between Danes and New Zealanders had begun in the 1860's when Danish settles cleared out thick bush on the North Island and later built towns there that would serve as communities for Danish immigrants to the South Pacific. When trade began between the Danish and New Zealand governments, Danes had realized how Captain Cook's anglicized name for Nova Zeelandia was spelled almost the same as the part of Denmark they came from, which is the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark where the capital Copenhagen is located. It was also realized that the Danish island of Zealand and the nation of Denmark as a whole share a lot more cultural and geological relevance with New Zealand than it does with the Dutch province of Zeeland.

When you provide reliable sources for these claims, there could be some validity for including this into the articles. In any case find consensus before re-adding any of these statements. It might be true that there are more geological similarities, but that doesn't mean anything. To claim a cultural difference between Zeeland and Zealand is unbelievable by itself already, and not to mention the large Dutch population existent in New Zealand as well. The additional claim that New Zealand was effectively renamed would need to be sourced by actual Acts of Parliament, find this act that you claimed existed before and I won't claim these statements as nonsense anymore. CRwikiCA talk 18:55, 6 July 2014 (UTC)