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Cuban Linx 2[edit]

How is it vandalism? It's encyclopedic and contains more confirmed fact and references than the previous article.

It just feels a little informal in terms of wording...the information doesn't really imply the timeline of how the album came about, so the events seem vague and unconnected. I (biased as I am, I mean I wrote the new version) kind of set out to be more specific and include more references. And I think the influences section is better, no 'fense. Besides, the page has a cleanup banner and I notice you continually reformat every edit to fit your own standards...let other editors in!

I'm not trying to be a tyrant about this, but of all the edits I put in I think a lot of them possess much-needed information...instead of just reverting all of it we can work together to come up with a compromise. I felt the previous version was vague on certain things, some of the refs were '404 not found', and a lot of the wording could be updated; I was just trying to get your attention. I'm completely amenable to working to create a better overall article.

How's this?

My thing about that is that it seems from the later interview he acknowledges the overhaul by saying that stuff about needing to keep the formula 'for the fans.' It looks to me like his publicist or manager or whoever jumped the gun when he went on the record. Maybe Rae thought he could get Dre to produce the rest of the album or something.

Yeah, that looks pretty much good. Lean, accurate, etc. I didn't even know Bun B would be on the album, that should be heat

JR Writer[edit]

I found a good bio for him at I think we could have a decent page if we included that as well as his discography.


Alright, So I'm editing the original message I posted.

Sense you seem to be quite adroit in creating pages on Hip Hop events relating to Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit, think you might want to create a page based on that?

Hayes On Aftermath[edit]

We're never going to be at peace? Are we? You do realize that "MTV NEWS," is a Blog...Right?.

WikiProject Saw September 2009 Newsletter[edit]

Jigsaw bginvert.png

The WikiProject Saw Newsletter
Issue V - September 2009
Member news
  • The project has currently 31 members, a mere 2 member growth over last year :( encourage new members!
From the Members

Welcome to the fifth issue of the WikiProject Saw's newsletter! Use this newsletter as a mechanism to inform yourselves about progress at the project and please be inspired to take more active roles in what we do.

It happens once a year... the Friday before Halloween... yes, the sixth Saw is less than a month away from release. Seeing as there is already a director and writers attached (See Here), VI will most likely not be the final entry to the series. Saw VI will be released in theaters on October 23rd.

Also, a Saw first, a video game is coming to join the Saw family. Not based on any movie in particular, the game has an original story set between the first and second Saw films. The game will release alongside Saw VI in October.

We would encourage all members to get more involved and if you are wondering what with, please ask either user CyberGhostface or user GroundZ3R0 002, they are more than happy to direct your help into any part of Saw that needs it.

Article News
  • The Saw (video game) article has reached a 'C' class on the quality scale for all Wikiprojects that has it in their scope. A new high for upcoming Saw products and upcoming video games in general.
  • Saw VI has received an official plot synopsis which has been incorporated in the article.
  • The amount of articles in the scope Wikiproject Saw has greatly increased from roughly 23 (active) articles to 40, almost double in one year!
Pages Needing Cleanup
  • Seeing as how we lost List of traps in the Saw film series, we must form together to prevent the other articles getting the same treatment.
  • All real-life actors or directors associated with Saw (James Wan, Tim Palen, Tobin Bell) could use an overhaul to avoid "in-universe" writing perspectives.
  • Saw VI could always use formatting updates and touch-ups to grammar, punctuation, etc.
Monthly Collaboration
  • Not a big surprise, we need to focus on getting the Saw VI article up to par with the rest of the articles. Obviously because it has not been released, it won't be possible to make it as good as the other film articles, but it could still be improved. Try to make its article in the same format (Plot, Cast, Production, Promotion, etc.) as the other films for a start.
Newsletter Challenge
  • Update all Saw articles to include updated information referencing other Saw articles. For example, update the Saw (2004 film) article section on the Saw game for updated release and info.
  • Create an "Impact In Popular Culture" section on Saw articles, seeing as how it is the highest grossing horror franchise in history (before and after inflation).
  • As noted above, the Saw Wikiproject has only grown by two members in an entire calendar year. So, invite new members, show them the ways, and let them know how they can help.
  • The Saw Wikiproject has encountered a drought as far as updates and new information goes. Keep adding new Saw articles as they go along, give new information, and keep the page going in general.

--GroundZ3R0 002 (talk) 19:27, 1 September 2009 (UTC)

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Because You Left semi-protection[edit]

Hi there. I'm just letting you know I requested semi-protection for Because You Left at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection. Hope that solves the vandalism issue. Thanks, Ruby2010 talk