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Need to check your screws...[edit]

I'm really sad to see people go mad on Wikipedia! Look, it isn't all about making your point of view heard, but collaborating with others... You need to adjust, cooperate and work to build Wikipedia... Why is that soo tough to understand??? I'm really new on Wikipedia and might not get the wjole point, but what you just did was bizzare, weird and unwanted! Keep Calm and Carry On, that's the Wikipedian policy... Now you've been blocked, so try to understand what went wrong (on your part), apologise and get back! You have all the right to blast me if you wanna, cause I'm new and I can take it... I'll be you're punching bag, but plz accept your mistake and promise not to commit it again... Its sad when anyone gets blocked... The Wikimon (talk) 16:04, 24 March 2013 (UTC)