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July 23, 2016
Current Status: Active



Hello, KATANAGOD, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Please sign your messages on discussion pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically insert your username and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or ask your question on this page and then place {{help me}} before the question. Again, welcome! SaveATreeEatAVegan 10:44, 6 February 2012 (UTC)

In response to your feedback[edit]

Hi KATANAGOD, and thank you for your feedback. If you're familiar with Wikia, you should get the hang of Wikipedia pretty quickly. The main things to note are the neutral point of view policy and the notability policy; these are pretty fundamental here. Beyond that, you should feel right at home!

If you need any help, feel free to ask at the Wikipedia helpdesk or at my talkpage.

Yunshui  08:47, 9 March 2012 (UTC)



Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, KATANAGOD. You have new messages at Seraphimblade's talk page.
Message added 14:35, 4 June 2012 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

Seraphimblade Talk to me 14:35, 4 June 2012 (UTC)

A barnstar for you![edit]

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Good job! Thanks for the help with the whole anti-vandalism thing :-D ♥ Solarra ♥ ♪ Talk ♪ ߷ ♀ Contribs ♀ 12:33, 8 June 2012 (UTC)

Oh, hello.[edit]

It's me, Madness! :D Madnessfan34537 (talk) 22:42, 8 June 2012 (UTC)


I don't even know why I have this username. That crappy game name out. --callofduty4 (talk) 22:44, 8 June 2012 (UTC)


CVU Academy.svg
Hello, KATANAGOD! I have seen your hard work reverting vandalism, and I would like to thank you. But do you want to go to the next level? Would you like to know how reverts, warnings, reports, blocks, and bans all come together to keep this Encyclopedia free from disruption? Then consider enrolling today! Leave a message on my talk page or visit the Academy's information page. ~~~~

Electriccatfish2 (talk) 01:12, 11 June 2012 (UTC)

I wanted to let you know that we are activley working on getting an instructor for you, and we apoligize for the delay. Honestly what happened is that four people signed up within 1/2 an hour and it turned out that because you want to use Huggle (ftw) it is taking us a little longer to find you an instructor. Expect to here from us within 16 hours. Thanks for your understanding. Dan653 (talk) 00:56, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
BTW are you sure you only want to work with Huggle? If you consider STiki, Twinkle, they're rather fast than Huggle, I've had a bit of experience with Huggle, so if you do agree I can be your instructor by using Twinkle and Stiki. Dipankan (Have a chat?) 06:01, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
Could you please let us know ASAP, so we know if you need a huggle instructor or not. Thanks. Dan653 (talk) 19:59, 12 June 2012 (UTC)
Sorry for the long response, I've been quite busy with personal stuff, besides that my computer is currently having technical difficulties and (hopefully) it should be working soon. I would like to work with huggle because i've heard good things about it, but I'm open to other things also. (I'm not to well knowledged about all the other cvn tools; I'm open to suggestions!) ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØDΤλłκ 02:22, 15 June 2012 (UTC)

Your request for rollback

Wikipedia Rollbacker.svg

Hi KATANAGOD. After reviewing your request for rollback, I have enabled rollback on your account. Keep in mind these things when going to use rollback:

  • Getting rollback is no more momentous than installing Twinkle.
  • Rollback should be used to revert clear cases of vandalism only, and not good faith edits.
  • Rollback should never be used to edit war.
  • If abused, rollback rights can be revoked.
  • Use common sense.

If you no longer want rollback, contact me and I'll remove it. Also, for some more information on how to use rollback, see Wikipedia:New admin school/Rollback (even though you're not an admin). I'm sure you'll do great with rollback, but feel free to leave me a message on my talk page if you run into troubles or have any questions about appropriate/inappropriate use of rollback. Thank you for helping to reduce vandalism. Happy editing! v/r - TP 16:21, 11 June 2012 (UTC)

CVU Academy[edit]

Hi KATANAGOD. Congratulations on your recent rollback rights. Achowat has suggested I mentor you in your anti-vandal work via the CVU academy - if you're happy with that, drop me a note either here or on my talkpage and we'll get to work cleaning up together. Yunshui  12:44, 14 June 2012 (UTC) (Quick caveat: I notice that you're interested in using Huggle - I'm not a Huggle user myself (don't have a system that supports it) so won't be much help to you in that regard) Yunshui  12:47, 14 June 2012 (UTC)

I guess I have to reapply :S ; thank you though! ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØDΤλłκ 20:59, 18 June 2012 (UTC)
Hi there, just letting you know that I removed the graduate template that Yunshui put on your page, as it appears that you are back in action! If you would still like instruction (specifically in Huggle, as your previous instructor couldn't help you with that), please reapply on the enrollment page (we ask you to reapply simply in fairness to the other enrollees) Thanks, and happy editing! Theopolisme TALK 03:13, 15 June 2012 (UTC)
Alright, thank you for your time. ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØDΤλłκ 20:59, 18 June 2012 (UTC)


Hi hi, keep workin hard Taketo KaiTalk05:24, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

Hello ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØD,[edit]

I´m confused why you deleted my the page about Bloom Consulting I wrote. The last page has been Tagged for not being neutral enough and not having enough quotes. So i wrote an article about Bloom from a neutral point of view (even though I now the company) and quoting everything I wrote. Since I´m fairly new to the wikipedia but I would like to learn how to write good articles, any advice would be highly appreciated. ~~Marcel~~ — Preceding unsigned comment added by Marcel.s1989student (talkcontribs) 09:19, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

Hi Marcel, the diff in question where you wrote (which can be seen here) significantly removed a good portion of information, and you didn't provide any reasoning why you removed said sections. Feel free to re-add the information you wrote with the valid reasoning in the summery.
I hope this helped
--ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØDΤλłκ 10:14, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

Thank you for the feedback. I have uploaded a new version and it would be great if you could take a look at it. Thanks

~~Marcel~~ — Preceding unsigned comment added by Marcel.s1989student (talkcontribs) 10:46, 23 July 2012 (UTC)

Looks good :) --ΚΛΤΛΝΛGØDΤλłκ 11:43, 23 July 2012 (UTC)


Hi kat, it's me Allen! How are you and where've you been editing on Wikipedia? --Allen talk 22:34, 23 September 2014 (UTC)

ArbCom elections are now open![edit]

You appear to be eligible to vote in the current Arbitration Committee election. The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to enact binding solutions for disputes between editors, primarily related to serious behavioural issues that the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the ability to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail. If you wish to participate, you are welcome to review the candidates' statements and submit your choices on the voting page. For the Election committee, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 16:53, 24 November 2015 (UTC)