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British politics PD[edit]

I'm sure you're aware but we're required (and forgot) to notify you that a remedy has been proposed that relates to you in the proposed decision of the BLP issues on British politics articles arbitration case. For the Arbitration Committee, Kevin (aka L235 · t · c) 18:51, 19 July 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

They not only "forgot" to notify me, they also "forgot" to notify Philip Cross! Yeah, that ArbCom crew runs a tight ship, don't they? KalHolmann (talk) 22:04, 19 July 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Forgot" isn't quite the right word. The proposed decision was posted in the dead of night in the United States, when all clerks were asleep. I posted it about two minutes before scheduled server maintenance, which caused a thirty minute period where no edits could be saved to the English Wikipedia, so I couldn't give the notifications myself. It took until the next day for the paperwork to be completed by the clerks, who are all volunteers. I do not consider a 24-hour wait on the paperwork to be unreasonable. ~ Rob13Talk 05:59, 21 July 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

An arbitration case regarding BLP issues on British politics articles has now closed and the final decision is viewable at the link above. The following remedies have been enacted:

  1. Philip Cross (talk · contribs) is warned to avoid editing topics with which he has a conflict of interest. Further, he is warned that his off-wiki behavior may lead to further sanctions to the extent it adversely impacts the English Wikipedia.
  2. Philip Cross (talk · contribs) is indefinitely topic banned from edits relating to post-1978 British politics, broadly construed. This restriction may be first appealed after six months have elapsed, and every six months thereafter. This sanction supersedes the community sanction applied in May 2018.
  3. KalHolmann (talk · contribs) is indefinitely restricted from linking to or speculating about the off-wiki behavior or identity of other editors. This restriction may be first appealed after six months have elapsed, and every six months thereafter. All appeals must be directed toward
  4. The community is reminded that publicly posting details or speculation regarding an editor’s personal information or off-wiki behavior violates the policy on outing, unless the information has been disclosed on-wiki by the editor in question. Concerns regarding off-wiki behavior are best reported through an appropriate private channel rather than on community noticeboards.

For the Arbitration Committee, --Cameron11598 (Talk) 19:29, 26 July 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Discuss this at: Wikipedia talk:Arbitration Committee/Noticeboard#Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case/BLP issues on British politics articles closed

ArbCom is watching me.[edit]

Block notice[edit]

To enforce an arbitration decision you have been blocked from editing for a period of 24 hours. You are welcome to edit once the block expires; however, please note that the repetition of similar behavior may result in a longer block or other sanctions.

If you believe this block is unjustified, please read the guide to appealing blocks (specifically this section) before appealing. Place the following on your talk page: {{unblock|reason=Please copy my appeal to the [[WP:AE|arbitration enforcement noticeboard]] or [[WP:AN|administrators' noticeboard]]. Your reason here OR place the reason below this template. ~~~~}}. If you intend to appeal on the arbitration enforcement noticeboard I suggest you use the arbitration enforcement appeals template on your talk page so it can be copied over easily. You may also appeal directly to me (by email), before or instead of appealing on your talk page. ~Oshwah~(talk) (contribs) 16:17, 2 August 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Reminder to administrators: In May 2014, ArbCom adopted the following procedure instructing administrators regarding Arbitration Enforcement blocks: "No administrator may modify a sanction placed by another administrator without: (1) the explicit prior affirmative consent of the enforcing administrator; or (2) prior affirmative agreement for the modification at (a) AE or (b) AN or (c) ARCA (see "Important notes" [in the procedure]). Administrators modifying sanctions out of process may at the discretion of the committee be desysopped."

October 2018[edit]

Stop icon
You have been blocked indefinitely from editing because it appears that you are not here to build an encyclopedia.
If you think there are good reasons for being unblocked, please read the guide to appealing blocks, then add the following text below the block notice on your talk page: {{unblock|reason=Your reason here ~~~~}}.  Courcelles (talk) 23:01, 29 October 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]