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Thanks kils - I only moved this so it was in the right namespace (user:, not main article) - but it's a wonderful idea. :) Martin

You wrote:

Because of its openness it can contain at times content that may be considered offensive, vulgar, profane, or inappropriate for some users. It should therefore at the moment not be used without supervision of an adult, it is not (like all large enzyclopedias) suited for toddlers. Because it is copy edited by administrators it is however a much safer playground than the direct web browsing. Some editors work on flagging certain content and set a warning before adult material is opened. Future versions of Wikipedia might include a key, like answering a question,

I would write this as follows:

Because of its dedication to openness, the wiki contains pages which can be considered offensive, vulgar, profane or inappropriate for some users. There are articles about swear words, all aspects of sexual behavior, or about the phenomenon of "shock websites". Traditional encyclopedias cover such subjects typically in very little detail, if at all, while the community-maintained project vows to collect "all human knowledge" -- including aspects thereof which may be considered unsavory.
Wikipedia articles usually do not contain sexually explicit pictures, but where such illustrations support the article, additional links are often provided. Some parents may therefore consider Wikipedia unsuitable for very young children. Future versions of Wikipedia may contain disclaimers, filtering capabilities, or "locked areas" which can only be opened by providing the correct answer to questions like “what is the cube of 25”, or “what was the reason for the Clinton impeachment case”. On the other hand, the liberal spirit of Wikipedia may prevail and the project may remain open until the end.

What do you think about this version? --Eloquence 21:58 11 Jun 2003 (UTC)

hallo eloquence! very nice, thank you very much, we will consider it - uwe Kils 00:35 17 Jun 2003 (UTC)

or about the phenomenon of "shock websites". -> Search for Shock Websites: Results = Nothing. Strange.

There are many spelling/gramatical errors in here that need to be fixed before being published in an english magazine. MB 18:15 17 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Does that system of asking questions strike anyone else as being similar to Leisure Suit Larry? And how could it work on Wikipedia, where the answers are only a click away? Maybe it's better to suggest that parents sit with their children while they use anything on the Internet. -- Jim Regan 04:34 20 Jun 2003 (UTC)