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First Lady of the United States[edit]

In the article First Lady of the United States has been written:

The First Lady of the United States is an unofficial title and position traditionally held by the wife of the President of the United States, concurrent with the president's term of office.

However, in the article List of First Ladies of the United States says:

This list included all persons who served as First Ladies, regardless of whether they were married to the incumbent President or not...

Well, how it is really with:

  3: Martha Wayles Skelton (or should be as Martha Jefferson?) Died nearly nineteen years prior to his presidencyThomas Jefferson
  7: Rachel Donelson (or should be as Rachel Jackson?) Died after election, prior to husband's inaugurationAndrew Jackson
  8: Hannah Hoes (or should be as Hannah van Buren?) Died eighteen years prior to his presidencyMartin Van Buren
21: Ellen Lewis Herndon (or should be as Ellen Arthur?) Died nineteen months prior to his presidencyChester A. Arthur

Finally, how about Jane Wyman, if "regardless of whether they were married to the incumbent President or not"? She was the first wife of Ronald Reagan 1940-1949.

-- (talk) 16:41, 25 September 2016 (UTC)