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Welcome to my talk page.
House Rules
  1. I may or may not respond to a post you make here on this page, I will try to respond, but if I don't, you will survive, I'm sure.
  2. If I revert or remove your post from my page, it could be that I do not find the discussion germane to me; alternately it could be that I find something in the posting to be preachy or pedantic, in which case I will simply revert or remove your post. I am busy living in Japan, and really don't need to be roasted. Whiny, self-important editors threaten with "I'll get your x taken away" or "you'll never make admin"... I couldn't care less. It's happened, and I am still here.
  3. This is not your talk page, this is my talk page, and I do not allow edit wars on here. If you are a legal positivist, if the "rules" of Wikipedia in your mind overrule respect for the privacy and pages of others, or if you are a creepy Wikistalking troll, you have your own talkpage which is your own playground to do exactly what you wish. This is not it, and you are not welcome to it.
  4. If you template me for something you should be discussing first, especially if you are an edit-warring copyright cockroach, don't be surprised if I cuss you. You've earned it.
  5. Complaint against me? Be patient, my perennial wikistalker is sure to get in touch with you soon and apologize for my ill behavior. It would be funny if it were not pathetic.
  6. Friends and colleagues are most welcome, and none of the above is meant for you.
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Photography workshop[edit]

Bogward & Mr. Blue Sky

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Hello, Kintetsubuffalo. Greetings from the Photography workshop. A reply has been made to your request.

PawełMM (talk) 12:24, 17 November 2018 (UTC).

You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{GL Photography reply}} template.