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Melody Barnes[edit]

I saw your addition of Melody Barnes to the List of Alpha Phi Omega members. While the reference indicates that she certainly is a notable brother, neither that reference nor the one on the Melody Barnes page actually references her as a brother (or an AKA sister). While I'm not doubting you, it is best if references can be found that will make certain that others do not doubt you. Is there something from Rho chapter or that was published elsewhere that would be a better reference? Yours in Leadership, Friendship and Service.Naraht (talk) 14:00, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

Naraht: First, I have NO idea how to respond to a 'talk' quote, so I have to hope you will come here and look for it. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to "email" someone and respond? I have spent 45 minutes and I have a Masters in a technical field, and I can't figure out how to respond to a "Talk" comment!

RE: Melody Barnes: I know she was a Brother in APO because we served together. But, other than citing Nationals membership rosters, I don't know what "proof" I am supposed to provide, other than a photo of our composite with her picture on it? I DID write to Natl's and tell them about her, and it is likely that she WILL soon show up in some kind of publication such as the Torch and Trefoil, but it hasn't happened yet. Similarly, UNC-Chapel Hill, our alma mater, will likely profile her in one of their alumni magazines, but it hasn't happened yet.

The AKA reference came from her online record in the UNC alumni directory:

However, this is searchable only by members so I can't show the actual page with the reference. Kmpintj (talk) 17:53, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

Replying in this area will do, once I sent this to you, I kept your talk page in my watch list. You can set up your account so that you can have an email address that people can send to without revealing it. If you go to either my page or my talk page, over on the left in the toolbox is something like "email this user". To set this up for yourself is through the my preferences tab up at the top, I don't remember beyond that, but you should be able to follow your nose.

I can add as the reference basically a "served at the same time as User:Kmpintj", and will do so. Sometimes easy proof exists and sometimes it doesn't. Do you know how active she has been with the Fraternity since graduation?

I'm a little bit curious as to how the National Fraternity will handle Alpha Phi Omega members in the New administration. There will be *FIVE* people with Alpha Phi Omega membership in close contact with the administration. Hillary, who is an honorary from some chapter in the SUNY system, the Sec of Def who is staying on and was a brother at W&M, Former Senator Daschel (sp?) from South Dakota State, Melody Barnes and the new First Lady who was an advisor at U of Chicago. *None* of this has come out in the T&T and the pre-convention T&T hasn't mentioned *anything* about Michelle Obama.

The T&T would be a great reference for all of them though internal, and best of all for Melody would be a UNC alumni magazine article. (Though if both came out, I'd include both references)

I did look in the Fraternity Membership Database and it lists her as belonging to Rho with an initiation date in December of 1982. But it isn't like we can have *that* as a reference. :(

You can also add colons for indentation before starting a line. BTW, does the INTJ refer to Myers-Briggs Type? (If so, I'm an ENFP with an INFJ wife)Naraht (talk) 18:05, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

Hi--thanks for the Talk Page advice, but I couldn't find an "email this user" on yours :-/

It could be that T&T isn't mentioning those who are "honorary" or advisors (I'm inclined to agree, frankly), just true Brothers. Did Tom Daschle and the Sec of Defense get mentioned before? I rarely remember seeing much about famous alumni in there, but the pledge books used to list famous alumni (I remember how shocked I was, years later, to go back and see "Bill Clinton, Gov of Arkansas" in mine, since we'd of course never heard of him at the time!)

I will certainly keep en eye for the UNC alumni magazine. Actually a friend of mine, who was not only a Brother but in Melody's pledge class, works for the Alum Association so I will make sure he knows about it (though I can't imagine they wouldn't). Yes, she joined in Dec 1982, one semester before me. As for her involvement--um, let's say we were "a line on her resume" :-/ I remember having to meet her as a pledge and it wasn't easy since she was almost never around, and the next semester once I was a Brother, forget it! I do recall her being VERY studious, which explains how she got so far in the world :) The guy from Natls said he was going to ask her (if she'd grant an interview) how APO shaped her future in public service and I said "well, it couldn't have shaped it too much, as short a time as she was around..." But, we will certainly "claim" her!

I will try to find some "hard documentation" as evidence for her Brotherhood. Even if UNC does an article, as they almost certainly will, they might not mention APO. I CAN attach a photo of the composite from that year with her on it, heh.

Oh, and yes, I am an INTJ. You're only the second person who's ever caught that from my login/email (which is kmpintj@....)

Kmpintj (talk) 23:22, 18 December 2008 (UTC)

Email would be over in the toolbox box, but only if you are on my main page (or talk page I think). It may be that both parties have to have email set up.

Well, I know that it was the cover article in the T&T when George Bush accepted honorary membership from one of the chapters in Missouri (either SLU or WUSTL), so they do make some noise. Daschel has been in the notable alumni in the pledge manual before, and Bill Clinton is both in the pledge manual and it was the cover article in the T&T when he became president. I think Bill helped as a guarantor of the Mortgage for the National Office. I consider advisors to be closer to active brothers than to honoraries.

Too bad on the "line on a resume", Kappa had one of those in my pledge class, Fall '86. Who was the "guy from nationals", the National Executive Director Bob London or someone else? Also, any idea on the timing on an article in the Alumni magazine? With that sort of published work, we don't need online, just the issue number and page.

The composite would have to be accessible from the internet to be useful in that regard. Maybe the Yackety Yak? Either in a picture of APO or her senior year? (not sure where I have find copies online)

I didn't catch immediately either, but with enfp's, you never know what thoughts are going to match up with which other things for ENFPs.Naraht (talk) 14:10, 19 December 2008 (UTC)


Howdy- The "guy from Nationals" was someone I emailed through their web page, I forgot his name but it was probably someone in alumni services, etc. Yackety Yack's aren't online, and APO's page in them was usually hit-or-miss, anyway, nothing formal. I have the ones from my/Melody's years but am quite sure she wasn't in the yearbook for that. I have no idea about when the UNC magazine might do an article about her, but with the lead time of publishing a magazine, it would be next spring or so, even if they jumped right on it, I am guessing. I will certainly let you know, since I am a Life Member of the Alum Association.

I DO think you should be able to cite "verified with APO National office" as a legitimate citation--what other source is as official?

We had LOTS of people who would pledge and then be practically "invisible Brothers"--it was very very hard to ever get blackballed as a pledge; they just took virtually everyone who pledged, and consequently we'd end up with some "ghost brothers" which gave the pledges hell trying to track them down for visitations (interviews) and paddle signatures. Then again, some "slack pledges" who barely fulfilled the minimum would blossom into the most active Brothers we had. With Melody, I am guessing that, since she pledged as a first-semester freshman, she later joined AKA and that was much more all-consuming to her (usually the case with social frat/sororities, wasn't it?).

Thanks--I will keep you posted about any verified sources, but bear in mind that even an article in the UNC magazine might not mention APO, especially if Melody doesn't bring it up.

Kmpintj (talk) 00:34, 21 December 2008 (UTC)