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From Wikipedia:Naming conventions (royalty and nobility):

  • These following conventions apply to European monarchs since the fall of the Roman Empire..., because they share much the same stock of names. Hence, they also apply to Polish monarchs.
  • If a monarch or prince is overwhelmingly known, in English, by a cognomen, it may be used, and there is then no need to disambiguate by adding Country. Since cognomina of Polish monarchs are not well known in English, this exception does not apply to Poland.
  • Pre-emptively disambiguate the names of kings, queens regnant,... in the format "{Monarch's first name and ordinal} of {Country}", omitting the royal or imperial titles... This is an exception to the general rule of most common English name. Nevertheless, Monarch's first name and Country should both be the most common form used in current English works of general reference. Where this cannot be determined, use the conventional anglicized form of the name... Except for a few early monarchs of the House of Piast, Polish monarchs had Christian names with well established English equivalents.
  • Where a monarch has reigned over a number of states, use the most commonly associated ordinal and state. This applies not only to Polish monarchs who also reigned outside Poland (e.g. Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, Henry III of France), but also to high dukes of Poland of the fragmentation era who are better known as monarchs of their local, hereditary duchies (e.g. Conrad of Masovia).
  • European monarchs whose rank was below that of King..., should be at the location "{Monarch's first name and ordinal}, {Title} of {Country}". This applies to all those Polish monarchs who held a ducal title, but were never crowned as kings.
  • No family or middle names, except where English speakers normally use them. This also applies to kings who are popularly known by two given names (e.g. John I of Poland, not John Albert of Poland) and to elective kings who are popularly known by their family names (e.g. John III of Poland, not John Sobieski).
Current title Where it should be
Mieszko I of Poland Mieszko I, Duke of Poland
Bolesław I Chrobry Boleslaus I of Poland
Mieszko II Lambert Mieszko II of Poland
Casimir I the Restorer Casimir I, Duke of Poland
Bolesław II the Bold Boleslaus II of Poland
Władysław I Herman Vladislaus I, Duke of Poland
Zbigniew of Poland Zbigniew, Duke of Poland
Bolesław III Wrymouth Boleslaus III, Duke of Poland
Władysław II the Exile Vladislaus II, Duke of Poland
Bolesław IV the Curly Boleslaus IV, Duke of Poland
Mieszko III the Old Mieszko III, Duke of Poland
Casimir II the Just Casimir II, Duke of Poland
Leszek I the White Leszek I, Duke of Poland
Władysław III Spindleshanks Vladislaus III, Duke of Poland
Mieszko I Tanglefoot Mieszko I, Duke of Silesia
Konrad I of Masovia Conrad, Duke of Masovia
Henry I the Bearded Henry I, Duke of Silesia
Henry II the Pious Henry II, Duke of Silesia
Bolesław V the Chaste Boleslaus V, Duke of Poland
Leszek II the Black Leszek II, Duke of Poland
Henry IV Probus Henry IV, Duke of Silesia
Przemysł II Przemysł of Poland
Wenceslaus II of Bohemia Wenceslaus II of Bohemia
Władysław I the Elbow-high Vladislaus I of Poland
Casimir III the Great Casimir III of Poland
Louis I of Hungary Louis I of Hungary
Jadwiga of Poland Hedwig of Poland
Jogaila Vladislaus II of Poland
Władysław III of Poland Vladislaus III of Poland
Casimir IV Jagiellon Casimir IV of Poland
John I Albert of Poland John I of Poland
Alexander Jagiellon Alexander of Poland
Sigismund I the Old Sigismund I of Poland
Sigismund II Augustus Sigismund II of Poland
Henry III of France Henry III of France
Anna the Jagiellonian Anna of Poland
Stephen Báthory of Poland Stephen of Poland
Sigismund III Vasa Sigismund III of Poland
Władysław IV Vasa Vladislaus IV of Poland
John II Casimir Vasa John II of Poland
Michael Korybut Wiśniowiecki Michael of Poland
John III Sobieski John III of Poland
Augustus II the Strong Augustus II of Poland
Stanisław Leszczyński Stanislaus I of Poland
Augustus III of Poland Augustus III of Poland
Stanisław August Poniatowski Stanislaus II of Poland