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I try to answer all questions, but I also have a busy real-life and heath issues to deal with - If you have a general question it may be quicker to ask at the Wikipedia:Teahouse

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Thank you[edit]

I hope this is the way to thank you very much for your very prompt help on my first attempt to write for Wikipedia. All the best to you. --MissusK (talk) 15:30, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi MissusK, no worries happy to help and don't worry your off to a flying start. You'll find lots of editors happy to help new editors - it makes a nice change from fighting vandals. All the best KylieTastic (talk) 15:34, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

Request on 16:38:17, 5 August 2017 for assistance on AfC submission by TheRealList[edit]

Hi. I'm trying to get more guidance about what needs to be done in order for the Jamie Pleasant submission to be accepted. I got the sense that you believe more attribution from outside sources are needed. If there are no additional weblinks about him to include, what options are available to get this submission published? Thanks for any insight/information you can provide.

TheRealList (talk) 16:38, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi TheRealList, note that AfC is rather backlogged (see Category:AfC pending submissions by age for our workload, and as such reviews are taking longer than would be liked. Note that the main guideline that you are trying to reach is Wikipedia:Notability (people) (and also WP:GNG) and yes this is done with adding reliable sources that are independent of the topic. Note that although on-line sources are preferred as they are easier to check, any sources are valid (so books and newspapers etc). Also I guess as they are a professor Wikipedia:Notability (academics) would also be appropriate. Basically add as much as you can find, and it will help when someone reviews. I've done a quick tidy to help out but I don't review on request, as it unfair on others waiting (plus I'm starving and need to go eat). Hope that helps, but if you need more input/advise I recommend the Wikipedia:Teahouse as you'll find lots of experienced editors rather than just asking individuals. Cheers KylieTastic (talk) 17:01, 5 August 2017 (UTC)

Question about the Mohegan Lake, New York Article/Page[edit]

I'm Sarah and I have a question to ask you, (if you don't mind). I had made some Edits to the Mohegan Lake, New York Page recently today and I have noticed while viewing the "View History" Section that you had made some changes to how it looked originally. Would you mind to keep/leave it in the format from how I left it before, please? If you can I would happily appreciate it!

You can respond back to this message once you get the opportunity.

Thank you, Sarah.T.Vida

Sarah T. Life 18:00, 11 August 2017 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

  • Hi Sarah the reason I revert your edits was for two reasons, firstly you broke multiple wiki-links and the image - Filenames, wiki-links, categories, template names and sometimes urls etc are case-sensitive. Also we have a style guide (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style) which includes a part on when to use Capital letters (see MOS:CAPS) - for instance I can see no reason so justify households being capitalised. As for changes such as "Mohegan Lake" to "Lake Mohegan" these should be backed by a source... unfortunately most fo the articles source links are broken (dead) so it's difficult to tell but Google maps still uses Lake Mohegan. However without an official name source it could be either. Cheers KylieTastic (talk) 18:40, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Here are my responses to both your questions.

1. Umm...okay then. Wait...I'm a little you would like for me to view Wikipedia's Manual of Style in order for me to make some edits and leave them that way?

2. Uh...I'm pretty sure in my City where I live Mohegan Lake, New York uses the Title ,Mohegan Lake and no longer "Lake Mohegan". As well as the same same should appear for Google Maps and/or, any other Mapping Service.

Moreover with me getting to the point; Would you mind if you can not make changes to it?I promise you, I am not one of the Users who would come on here to infringe/go against the Guidelines of any on Wikipedia.

However (if I may not understand) do you think you can explain to me on what it is that I should do specifically?

Hope to hear from you!

Sarah T. Life 18:59, 11 August 2017 (UTC)Sarah T. Vida — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

  • Hi Sarah, I'll try to be clearer...
  • So no, neither myself or other editors will leave your edits breaking templates, wiki-links, images or ignoring the communities guidelines.
  • Thirdly, Wikipedia is based on reliable sources so saying it's your city counts as nothing - the article is describing an official Census-designated place and the article notes that it is known locally as "Mohegan Lake". However note just because it is the official name does not mean it has to be that on Wikipedia, as we have a policy WP:COMMONNAME that states "Wikipedia generally prefers the name that is most commonly used (as determined by its prevalence in a significant majority of independent, reliable English-language sources)". So the fact that exists and not the other is in your favour. If you can find enough sources to inculcate that "Mohegan Lake" is the WP:COMMONNAME you can ask at Wikipedia:Requested moves to have it moved.
  • Lastly you say "Would you mind if you can not make changes to it" - er no! Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia built with reliable sources and Wikipedia:Consensus you do not own the article (see WP:OWN), never ask other editors not to edit articles. If however, as you say, you do not "infringe/go against the Guidelines" then I would not revert your changes as I would have no reason to do so.
  • I know all the polices and guidelines can be confusing at first but they are their to help build a reliable readable Encyclopedia, so if you need/want any help/advise from other experienced editors and admins I would recommend asking at the Wikipedia:Teahouse. Cheers KylieTastic (talk) 11:32, 12 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Hi and Good Morning Kylie.
  • Alright then, I deeply understand what you mean from the information you had given me. What I am trying to do (since I don't agree with how the layout of the article looks/some of the information I feel is not accurate, and you won't have to worry, for I have the citations/links to prove that the name of my City is Mohegan Lake and not "Lake Mohegan"); However, my main concern about all this is that; How would I be able to (and I will number these so you wouldn't be confused):
1. Change the Heading of the article from Lake Mohegan, New York to Mohegan Lake, New York?
2. Change the Title of the Inbox Settlement from Lake Mohegan, New York to Mohegan Lake, New York (but won't change anything else within the Settlement)?
3. Change where it says, "Location of Lake Mohegan, New York" to "Location of Mohegan Lake, New York"?
and lastly.
4. Change where it says, "Municipalities and Communities of Westchester County, New York United States" but under, "CDPs" to change from Lake Mohegan to Mohegan Lake?
If you think you will definitely be willing to assist me with this, I would happily appreciate it and I would thank you so much a million!
However, if you think you won't be willing to assist me with this, I would deeply understand; however, I would still thank you a ton for the assistance you had offered me.
However wait; There is an option where you can merge or, move an article if they appear to be a duplicate? Do you think you can explain to me on how to do that in the simplest way?
Hope to hear from you soon, Darling! 14:11, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi Sarah, quick answer as I'm just going out...
  1. To change the Heading the page needs to be moved but as the page Mohegan Lake, New York already exist as a redirect only an admin can move - so you have to make a request at Wikipedia:Requested moves.
  2. The title of the infobox depends on the infobox, some take direct from the page title - for this one see Template:Infobox settlement - it can name a 'name' and 'official_name' if different. I don't use the visual editor but it appears that if a parameter does not exist then scroll down to the "Add more information"
  3. parameter map_caption
  4. Template:Westchester County, New York - That would be [[Lake Mohegan, New York|Lake Mohegan]] to Mohegan Lake - only if page is moved. Note as I see you broke the wiki-links, so see Help:Cheatsheet for a simple set of examples or Help:Wiki markup for the full info. Basically its [[exact page name]] or [[exact page name|link text]]. So the current [[Lake Mohegan, New York|Lake Mohegan]] says its a link to the page "Lake Mohegan, New York" but show "Lake Mohegan" on the link i.e. Lake Mohegan

Regards KylieTastic (talk) 14:47, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

Why is that ok for you to put a scammer into the Wiki and call him a 'businessman?"[edit]

If you dare to describe Jeffry Tisley, a scammer and abuser, a businessman? What is so good he had done to deserve to be called 'businessman' instead if Internet Scammer and Extortionist? Is he paying you CONSTRUCTIVELY?

He posts false info, or private info, or totally irrelevant information, then extorts money for removal. This is business? It's ok to spread lies then come for payment to remove it? Is that the value system you live by?

Then protect the abusers and racketeers? Aren't you constructive? My remarks about that person - are constructive. There are people in the U.S. who live and breath lies and scam to make money from it. And you condone it by calling it 'business'. Say things about this person that are true and deserve merit.

So far he had done nothing but damage to many people. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2602:306:3668:9610:DD61:9A26:BC0B:7632 (talk) 18:39, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

  • If you want to add valid sourced info then you can and we encourage it but changing his name to "Jeffrey Tinsley a con artist and scammer to tap into your pocket" is just vandalism. If there is documented reliable sourced info that he has scammed people the yes it can be added. Cheers KylieTastic (talk) 18:42, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

Martin Page Wiki Page[edit]

Hi there,

I've attempted to update Martin Page's Wikipedia page several times now, specifically the external links, and the edits keep getting rolled back. I'm the assistant to him and his manager and can obtain written proof if necessary. I am just trying to link to his social media accounts, as well as his official blog. I see now that Wikipedia discourages linking to social media accounts, however, how come a page that links directly from his site is considered a copyright violation? Same question for his official blog?

I have also attempted to update the 'music career' section citing many sources, including his official website, and those changes were rolled back as well.

Certainly, I want to follow protocol, but I guess I'm just having a hard time understanding why my changes keep getting rolled back.

Thanks in advance, -Vanessa Leavitt — Preceding unsigned comment added by Vrleavitt (talkcontribs) 15:42, 19 August 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi Vanessa, firstly as you've self identified as his assistant I must point you to our guideline Wikipedia:Conflict of interest which you should read before making any more edits, also you should note Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia not just another website, blog, or social media site for promotion (see Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not especially WP:NOTPROMOTION). As for the external links the reason they are being removed is because as per previous they are promotional, and specifically mentioned in our guideline Wikipedia:External links is the sections WP:ELMINOFFICIAL "Normally, only one official link is included" and WP:LINKSTOAVOID. Any readers interested in the subject can find his official website linked in the infobox and external links section, and that gives his social media and blog links if they desire. If you wish to make it easier for people to find the links you should get them also linked from the top of the page on his site as well as the bottom.
I don't know why the material from was removed as a copyright violation as the page does not appear to contain any copyright notice, nor does the main page. So for that I'm afraid you'll have to ask Wiae who removed that content, alternatively you can make it clear on the source website by adding a creative commons licence either CC-BY or CC-BY-SA to the page see to indicate it is free to use, although some could still consider it biased as it is a primary source WP:PRIMARY.
As for your general question on why edits get rolled back it would mostly be covered by the guidelines already quoted but mainly consider this is an Encyclopedia and not for use as promotion (also see Wikipedia:Five pillars). I hope that helps explain things. All the best KylieTastic (talk) 16:40, 19 August 2017 (UTC)
@Vrleavitt and KylieTastic: Hello to you both, and thanks for the ping KylieTastic. WP:COMPLIC says that The absence of a copyright notice does not mean that a work may be freely used, and in general copyright subsists from the time the work is created, even if there isn't a copyright notice or symbol attached. That's why I've removed the content. Licensing the content for use on Wikipedia is one solution to this, although as KylieTastic has noted, the page would still be a primary source, and as such would have only limited use as a reference on Wikipedia. When writing an encyclopedia article, it is most important to summarize what sources that are independent of a subject have said about that subject. Thanks, /wiae /tlk 17:00, 19 August 2017 (UTC)