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Thank goodness your interests arent purely rote, Larry, or the WP no doubt would be more less, and less more. :)-Stevert

Larry, I would like to break up the Perception section into more pieces, specifically, to separate Proprioception from the Ectosymplastic nature of Perception. -- OK?

WikiProject Philosophy[edit]

A WikiProject Philosophy has been started, in the hopes of coordinating the efforts of philosophically-inclined Wikipedians. One of the current goals of this project is to reduce the amount of Larry's Text remaining on the 'pedia. If you are interested or wish to voice a comment or concern, please drop by the project page or the talk page. Adam Conover 20:50, Apr 8, 2004 (UTC)

How up to date is the list below? It seems a bit on the long side... many of the articles linked to are quite Un-Larryed already. Thomas Ash 10:41, 13 December 2005 (UTC)

List of Larry's Text pages that are still to be cleaned up:

Table of contents:

2 Some Rudiments of Logic
college logic -- argument -- logical fallacy -- argument form -- validity -- soundness -- cogency -- good argument -- deduction and induction -- modus ponens -- modus tollens -- disjunctive syllogism -- affirming the consequent -- ambiguity -- vagueness -- genus-differentia definition -- fallacies of definition
3 Metaphysics
introduction to metaphysics -- metaphysics -- ontology -- being -- category of being -- abstract -- concrete -- the existence of physical objects -- nonexistence -- objecthood -- substance theory -- bundle theory -- mind -- problem of universals -- universal--metaphysics -- type--metaphysics -- class (the section "classes vs. types") -- Platonic realism -- Aristotle's theory of universals -- identity and change
4 Philosophy of Religion
philosophy of religion -- the nature of God in monotheistic religions -- eternal existence -- faith and rationality -- User:Larry Sanger/Obviously bad arguments for the existence of God -- User:Larry Sanger/Traditionally respectable arguments for the existence of God -- the ontological argument -- the cosmological argument -- the teleological argument -- the problem of evil -- the rationality of atheism -- theodicy
5 Philosophy of Mind
philosophy of mind -- mental event -- mental functions -- consciousness -- the mind-body problem -- reduction -- monism -- neutral monism -- dualism -- dualistic interactionism -- physicalism -- philosophy of perception -- free will and determinism
6 Philosophy of Language
proper names -- meaningfulness -- naive relativism about truth -- truth -- sense and reference
7 Epistemology
theory of justification -- the regress argument in epistemology -- a priori and a posteriori knowledge -- knowledge -- skepticism -- common sense and the Diallelus
8 Ethics
meta-ethics -- ethical naturalism -- cognitivism -- ethical non-naturalism -- non-cognitivism -- value theory -- theory of conduct
9 Political Philosophy
political philosophy -- the justification of the state -- anarchism and natural law theory -- social contract theories -- consequentialist justifications of the state -- the purpose of government -- libertarianism -- socialism

Cleaned-up pages[edit]

Please delete pages here as edited into some sort of shape, leaving the list on the project page untouched for reference.

Charles Matthews 09:47, 22 Nov 2004 (UTC)

I think it would be better if we had a separate list of pages that are reasonably cleaned-up. I've made a list below ---- Charles Stewart 16:49, 22 Nov 2004 (UTC)

  1. ?
  2. Some Rudiments of Logic
  3. Metaphysics
  4. Philosophy of Religion
  5. Philosophy of Mind
  6. Philosophy of Language
  7. Epistemology
  8. Ethics
  9. Political Philosophy