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Lior barazani[edit]

Damrak, as viewed from Dam Square.

Welcome to Lior Barazani's Wikipedia user talk! On this page you will be able to read the brief biography of the real estate tycoon.

Lior barazani(35), is probably one of the most well known personalities in the real estate world of Amsterdam, when he first arrived in Europe, he didn't realized that one day he will eventually grow to the state he has today.

Despite the restless business live he has as an real estate tycoon, he will always be a caring father of two children, and a loving husband, Lior don’t want his family to be effected by the current state he has.

Lior owns the majority of the buildings located on the Damrak, one of Amsterdam's most visited streets. But Amsterdam wasn't the limit, lior continued in seeking more oppertunitys to expend his empire, eventualy he started doing business in east Europe, and in north Europe, all of those are in real estate.

Recently, a charity fund was founded by the family Barazani, for children with cancer, and for children with the syndrom of down. hopefully this will be a success.