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Hey, i noticed your helpful edits to the Litchfield Law School article, which i had contributed to some time ago. A year ago, I myself visited Litchfield and took pics of the school from the outside, myself, on a day when your offices were closed. I took a lot of pictures but would have some difficulty matching them all to specific houses. I obtained a walking map (from the library) but that does not identify all houses. I would like for Wikipedia to include a map like the walking tour map, for the Litchfield Historic District article. Glad you're here editing!

Sorry that your account is blocked by an administrative editor. Yes, I guess the account name does not comply perfectly with guidelines. Please don't be discouraged; please do open a new account using your personal name or some madeup name for you as a person (and a separate one for each of you if you are multiple separate persons from the Litchfield Historical Society). Glad to have you on board. And, it's better to Be bold and edit perhaps in violation of some obscure rule, rather than not getting started. Please continue! --doncram 16:46, 16 March 2011 (UTC)

Hey, why not use the name "ALitchfieldHistorian"? User:ALitchfieldHistorian is currently available, I assume. Others from your organization could use "LitchfieldHistorian2" or other related names, if you don't want to use completely different names like "SharkMan77" or whatever. --doncram 16:50, 16 March 2011 (UTC)