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Unionville, Ontario[edit]

The City Of Markham has 4 main Villages; Markham Village, Milliken, Unionville, and Thornhill. Unionville is not a municipality it is a Village in The City Of Markham. It has many neighbourhoods that are close to Unionville Main Street which automatically make it part of Unionville including The Olde Village, Cachet, Angus Glen, Southern and Upper Unionville, and Victoria Square, Almira & Buttonville hamlets as the Unionville realtors will tell you.

Question: If I live in the Cachet Estates do I live in Markham or Unionville? Answer: Well which Main Street are you closer to? Unionville Main Street or Markham Main Street. Of course your closer to Main Street Unionville(5 minute drive) which makes it a Unionville Neighbourhood. Your not closer to Main Street Markham... 20 minutes away! So yes, you can say "I live in Unionville". As long as you live West Of McCowan, East of Hwy 404, North of Hwy 407 and South Of 19th Avenue... you can say you live in Unionville as those are the original boundaries before Unionville was combined to create the Town of Markham in 1971. Ever since than there has been no exact boundaries and many disputes of it! Question: I live in Raymerville, do I live in Unionville? Raymerville is community East of McCowan Rd so unfortunately you don't live in Unionville... You live in Markham. But the Eastern part of Unionville is right next to you!