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WikiProject Grey's Anatomy Weekly Newsletter: September 10, 2012[edit]

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WikiProject Grey's Anatomy Newsletter: The Week of September 10, 2012

Hello members of WikiProject Grey's Anatomy! We are sending out our weekly newsletter with updates about the project and tasks. Big apologies for the lack of the newsletter last week! We have several new achievements and updates to be announced! List of Grey's Anatomy cast members, developed by TRLIJC19, is in the process of featured list candidacy. George O'Malley, written by Creativity97, was promoted to good article status last week! Cristina Yang, developed by TRLIJC19, Creativity97, and Sofffie7, is now a good article nominee! Our good article character count continues to rapidly increase! Jackson Avery is being developed to good article quality by TBrandley; we are excited for it to go live. Grey's Anatomy, developed by TRLIJC19, and Grey's Anatomy (season 3), developed by Jonathan Harold Koszeghi, are still in the preparations for featured article candidacy. There are many things to be done for the project, in an attempt to exemplify its best work. Below is a list of tasks, and guidelines:

Weekly Initiative!
The weekly initiative this week, a repeat of last time, is to search the internet, and find season 6 reviews to add to Grey's Anatomy. Search through google archives, and news websites, to find reviews that talk about season 6 in entirety. Please make sure the reviews you find come from a highly reliable source such as a major news site, or a well-known magazine. If you find some reviews, please post them on the talk page of Grey's Anatomy, where they will be evaluated for quality. If you find a suitable review, that fits the criteria we are looking for, you will be awarded a barnstar! Take part in this initiative, have fun searching for reviews, feel proud after the review you find is added to the main article, and be rewarded with barnstars! Help make a difference and get started! Furthermore, if you notice that any user has participated in any weekly initiative and was not rewarded, give them a barnstar ASAP!

Have fun, and don't forget to only look at renowned sites! We hope to see several season 6 reviews posted on the talk page soon!

--The community of WikiProject Grey's Anatomy (Written by project coordinator TRLIJC19)

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