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Finally Wikipedia got an article on the Financial Times and I remembered I've contributed on it. Now that I'm not a physicist anymore I'll try to do it more frequently.

About me:

- I studied physics until I got my doctorate (Milano University)

- I have worked on a Internet provider in Italy (just 9 months --a gestation)

- I have developed Monte Carlo for medical physics for two years

- I have worked as Free Lance Teacher one year, and in the mean time went to Brazil one month to do my only serious work (not kidding): a documentary

- why remain in Europe then? The year after I went to Brazil, volounteering, teaching and installing free software computer center

- now... now I'm working with as risk management consultant for banks. And the biggest risk I can see is me working for a bank.

August 2013[edit]

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  • 1989 as an upmarket ice cream for the existing Nogger brand, and it was originally manufactured by [[List_of_Unilever_brands | Frisko] in [[Denmark]]<ref>Jones, G. (2005). Renewing Unilever:
  • </ref>. The original Magnum had a weight of 86 [[gram]]s and a volume of 120 [[milliliter|mL]]){{Citation needed}}.

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