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Hello, Merryhobby, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Please sign your name on talk pages using four tildes (~~~~); this will automatically produce your name and the date. If you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions, ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and someone will show up shortly to answer your questions. Again, welcome!  Rklawton 22:15, 3 September 2006 (UTC)


Hi Mets501,

a friend of mine informed that you have closed the article of Wikipedia concerning me. First of all, I want to ask you to pass me the data of "Seewolf". Wikipedia is no lawfree space.

It is a very complicated story. I already applied to the directors of board of to delete the article in the English version about me. Since you obviously made this page not changeable I want to tell you why this demand for deletion only refers to the English version.

Firstly, unlike the English version, the German one does not have refrences directly to my enemies that are interested in denigrating me as much as possible. It is not to accept the following "reference": # ^ Statement of the DGHS (german).

Secondly, I feel it to be impertinent that in an article about me oppresses my views about the topic (on and on top of everything refers to those ones of my enemies...!

Thirdly, unlike the German version that mentioned that the way I performed euthanasia was proved to be legal by a superior German court (of Munich 1 Ws 23/1987, NJW Heft Nr. 46) to which an inferior court that sentenced me later was bound. The English version does not mentioned it, so that the reader must think that I am a deliberate criminal. Therefore, I feel insulted and denigrated by this article of (English) Wikipedia. This all the more, since this allegations serve the purpose to camouflage German crimes on me I described in the letter below.

Therefore I ask you to lift the protection that I can delete the article about me or I ask you to delete the article in the English version about me. I think that the most mistake was to charge Germans with it. They are not unbiased in that case. More over they are anything but competent for that. Please be so kind as to lift protection. I do not think it makes any sense to negociate the text: for instance, that

- the reference to my enemies are deleted and instead of that to put reference to my webpapge dealing with that topic or the it is mentioned or - that infringement of law was perpetrated on me etc.

 One hour later, the Germans will have changed it to their (thieves')cant... I do not want to mentioned the raw mistakes and  lacking knowledge of the article in question. 

I hope that you understand that I cannot accept that version and that I do not need a lawsuit to accomplish it. I am fed up with Wikipedia and you can delete me wherever my name is mentioned.

Please write to me:

Sincerely Hans H. Atrott

Here, my letter to director of board.


Reference: Removal of the article

Ladies and gentlemen!

Avoiding widening I demand to withdraw the article about me in the English version of Wikipedia. My name is Hans Henning Atrott and I feel insulted by the impertinent article you write about me.

Since the article is partly written by me, I withdraw copyright for texts of mine. So, you have to delete the article since you cannot publish something that is written by me without my consent.

The article has been changed by a group of furious Germans or Christians wanting to denigrate me for reasons mentioned below. It is misguiding and misleading in order to slander me. There are enough hints that behind the group manipulating the article about me are members of German D.G.H.S. wanting to cant their crime on me.

Firstly, I was not born in Memel in the German province of East Prussia but in Klaipéda (Lithuania). The Germans violently annexed the region around river Nemunas and the Baltic Sea six years before I was born. After World War II the area was returned to Lithuania until, today. In English Klaipéda means, Klaipeda and not “Memel” and Kaunas does not mean Kowno. Those faults happen if you charge incompetent and dubious Germans with such an article. Even no post-war German government demanded this region back to Germany and the Germans demanded a lot...

Secondly, the claim that in “1993 Atrott is dismissed by the "German society for Humane Dying" is untrue. There is a difference between to dismiss and to resign. The one is being forced the other one is voluntarily. The article wants to give the impression of the first. The fact is that the concerned association (D.G.H.S) tried to dismiss me for several times and as far as I remember bimonthly in the years 1993 and 1994. However, in June 1997 I made a court settlement with D.G.H.S. in which I voluntarily renounced any membership and positions within D.G.H.S. against payment. So I was not dismissed but I resigned. I cannot imagine why the associations pays about half a million Deutschmarks that I renounce rights and jobs in 1997 if it has dismissed (originally was written: “fired”) me in 1993.

Thirdly, the allegation “1994 − Atrott gets a prison sentence of two years for dealing with potassium cyanide and tax fraud” lies by omissions. In order to depict me as criminal the current leadership of D.G.H.S. conceals that this “dealing with cyanide” was not illegal, in Germany. Reading those phrases in Wikipedia means that the reader gets the impression that in fact I deliberately perpetrated crimes. In 1987, the superior court of Munich examined such euthanasia by chemicals in question and declared it legal (see: 1 Ws Oberlandesgericht Muenchen 23/1987, NJW Heft Nr 46/1987. After having failed to jail me because of tax evasion, the Augsburg court declared such assistance in euthanasia with chemicals to be illegal although it was bound to the Munich verdict. Violating the jurisdiction of a superior court in Germany means perpetrating the crime of infringement of law. This Wikipedia article omits that my claimed condemnation is infringement of law by the correspondent Christian-Bavarian court of Augsburg. Here, it is hidden as in German media that the question is not what I did but if it was punishable what I did. It is a big difference of morals if one believes to act legally or deliberately illegally. More over, it is omitted that pertaining the alleged tax evasion the Swiss government made a Demarche to the regional government of Bavaria for illegal behavior of the German authorities. The Bavarian government promised to the Swiss one that it would not repeat this illegal behavior.

Fourthly, most impertinent is that pertaining those German quarrels the concerned Wikipedia article for about three weeks puts references to my enemies and deletes any reference to Web pages of mine as references (^ Statement of the DGHS (german) ,^ Berliner Zeitung, 15.03.1994 (german). Reference to my WebPages pointing out the views of mine (http:;// on this topic permanently becomes deleted. This is impertinent and a blatant violation of free speech. More over, the German co-workers bungling even the English Wikipedia article do not call their actions to be web vandalism. It is the same as if Muslims only present an article of Jesus “Christ” or Hindu and the Christians are impeded to express their views. Deleting presentations of my point of view to special topics and presenting only that one of my enemies is a violation of the US constitution. (free speech) to which the English version of Wikipedia is obliged. Repressing a counter point of views of a concerned one, means lying and deceiving by omission. The context is the following one: After a media campaign of about ten years -- designed corresponding German anti-Semitism -- I was forced into custody for things the mentioned Munich court declared legal. This verdict of Munich was and is tabooed, in Germany. A few days after I illegally was apprehended a certain Kurt Thief S. (who wrote the Statement of the DGHS (german) that is mentioned in the Wikipedia article) went to the court of registry and blatantly lied to it that I (Atrott) purportedly was not interested in executing my office as president of D.G.H.S. any longer. He (the fraudulent deceiver) is to enroll and I (Atrott) to delete from the enrollment as legal representative of DGHS. It is not only my presumption that the Bavarian government jailed me and that I was taken in custody as long as it needed to establish a new leadership firmly in D.G.H.S. This is a fraud about several millions of Dollars. The officer of the court as me experienced this fraud one year later when I was released from custody. In the proceedings of D.G.H.S., the court officer notices that he never would have deleted me from enrollment if he had known about this crime, then (see: Akte DGHS, Amtsgericht Augsburg, February 1994). In Germany, there is no separation between state and religion. Attorneys work by instructions of the concerned regional government. That the state is behind the described crime becomes evident by the fact that Kurt Thief S. never was prosecuted although this crime was reported several times to the Bavarian attorney and is fixed in the court proceedings of the association (Feb. 1994). Perhaps Wikipedia wants to become a book of jokes: Puffing oneself up because of several thousands of Deutschmarks but keeping silent to a felony of fraud of several millions of Euros or Dollars does not lack perfidy!

Fifthly, in the English version is written that I provided no proof that the Christian minister that was my guardian was a homosexual child abuser. In the German edition of Wikipedia, the Germans deleted this passage completely because it does not fit the German black and white painting and obsession: here the very good Christians and there evil Atrott. I ask you: When I tell you that the person in question was that kind of individual – is this no evidence? That betrays much of the co-workers you charge and you guess and this makes me more determined that Atrott and Wikipedia should sever. Recently, the concerned Kurt Thief S. – obviously a German stately covered felon– more and more gets difficulties because of the crime of fraud to the court (see: Humanes Leben – Humanes Sterben Nr. 2/2006 or: That is why he and his henchmen (with the very German Nazi-name: Seewolf, Grabwoski, Lost Bay, “Walter Falter” etc.) are very busy in manipulating lexicons like, for instance, Wikipedia. Especially the fact, that an article about me refers to my enemies which have filched my job by a demonstrable fraud on a court and even represses my representation of this matter by deletion of web vandalism, disgusts me very, very much and took away any reputation I rendered to you, before. I do not want a special text in that article. I also do not want a counter-representation. I am fed up with Wikipedia! It is your fault that your permit the Germans even to bungle the English version of Wikipedia to which the US-constitution, in particular, the right of free speech is to apply. Often, many people supporting me asked you to charge someone else than those Germans with this article. However, everything was in vain and so I am sick off you. I only want that I do not have to do anything with you, any longer. I demand to eliminate the article from Wikipedia. I expressively prohibit you to publish those parts the article I wrote as I was eliminated from the enrollment of the court of registry by the crimes of Kurt Thief S. who is also behind the incriminated perpetrations, here.

It is most abominable that you allow your co-workers to put references to the concerned fraudulent criminal (on the court of registry) and even permanently delete the presentation of the person, which this article is about!

I expect this deletion latest until

September 7th, 2006!

Otherwise, I infer that you are not willing to stop insulting and telling lies about me. You can also insult and lie by omissions and wrong references. I do not mind if you delete me from Wikipedia, at all. I only will feel honored by it. I deem that Kurt Thief S. would more fit Wikipedia! I recall that I withdraw my copyright to those parts of the article I contributed and therefore publication of this article is illegal. Last, but not least I unmistakably want to make clear that I am not willing and will not tolerate Wikipedia as a podium of insulting me. Do what you want to do or cannot stop doing, however without my name! Not to mention that by this article on me you violate your own standards about living individuals!


Stop insulting me! Stop publishing lies about me!

Hans Henning Atrott

Hans Henning Atrott[edit]


my english is not best, but I can say it. Today I have seen, that Wikipedia has protected the site of my fahter: Hans Henning Atrott. I do not understand why every hour a user can change the site. This user "seewolve" a name with bad german history is willing to harm my family. I don`t understand why it is possible to lie and to change the site.

This is the reason why I´m here.

Everything what I can do, is that a person who called "seewolve" in Wikipedia want to use this system to harm us. On the german site of wikipedia, there is no influence of "seewolve". On the german wikipedia no link to DGHS. The reason is very simple, because they not interested in the true. They have spend it lots of money to stop my fathers rights. My father was not fired from the seewolve administration.

To Mets501´s I´ve give my fahter the advice to contact you. Please notice I´ve not the time every hour to look for the true.

Jörg Atrott

Wikimail from Hans Henning Atrot[edit]

Dear Mr. Mets 501,

I read that you made some changes on the article about H. Atrott. There are many raw mistakes in the article.

At most, it is not to accept that only an exposition of Atrotts enemies is mentioned and a refrence of Atrott referring to that matter is cancelled. That is completely unfair. Audiatur et pars altera. First it is an article about Atrott and not one about D.G.H.S. that means that the reader first of all wants to know what A. says to the topic and not those who hate Atrott.

Secondly: It is wrong to write two years sentence and omitting that it was on probatione, i.e. Atrott did not get to two years sentence. That is wrong.

Thirdly, it is unbearable that it is not mentioned that there were problems the verdict is correct or not and that it illegally was made against a superior court which declared the same matter to be legal.

This at least, are essentilas of fair play! Please be so kind as to correct it!


Write a message to me and I will respond to you[edit]

Indeed, very good advertisement but the fact is that one never gets an answer. The only way to talk with Wikipedia seems the most costly one: via a lewyer. However, there must be a secret structure. Closing a webpage happens very, very soon. However, talking with the reponsible ones is hardly possible, if at all. They hide between inumerable links and grand advertisement... Even his email does not work... Very important persons...much more than those about Wikipedia deals...

Merryhobby 19:24, 3 September 2006 (UTC)Merryhobby

Vadalism on Atrott[edit]

Web Vandlism of German Guggjani, “Seewolf (a very Nazi-name)”, “Grabowski”, "lost (Nazi)boy", “Walter Falter” is evident

In a biography concerning a living person first of all people have to right to know how the concerned one understands his life. However, this mentioned group of Germans (if there are different individuals, at all) firstly eliminates everything how A. understands his biography and only wants to present the views theirs, viz, of anti-Atrottism. They feel authorizied to destroy everything that is off their view although this is not a webpage of anti-Atrottism. This is evident vandalism to force readers only to experience the views of Atrott's enemies but not those of Atrott and his friends. This foul play does not match American constitution of free-speech but German stubbornness and German narrow mindness. However, if those people are criminal enough as even to cheat a court that A. purportedly was not interested in executing his office as president of D.G.H.S.any longer and hereby grift millions of Dollars, one should not expect anything else from those German clumsy thieves with will to power, to dominate, filch, conquer and lead the world...! What do the Germans have to do in this English section of Wikipedia? By what authority the Germans even want to force us to use the German -- and not the English -- names for foreign cities? I would like to suggest to close this page (and that one of the article) for German IPs.

Update Hans Henning Atrott[edit]

The article has been cut to a stub. I hope the text is acceptable.

I noticed you mentioned a lawyer. I would like your assurance you have no intention of taking any legal action. Unless that is received, it is a rule that we must block your account from editing (you will still be able to edit this page, however).

Please answer on this page.

Tyrenius 03:32, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

Thanks from Merryhobby[edit]

O.k. guys, thanks a lot for your fair play! I agree with the measures you have taken now and always presumed that there was a group of anti-Atrottists plotting something behind your back. Nobody needs a lawyer when people do fair play. I trust in you!

Merryhobby 07:30, 4 September 2006 (UTC)merryhobby

Now German "Seewolf" distorts the German Version of Hans Henning Atrott[edit]

I am just experiencing that at midnight local time, “Seewolf” distorts 

the German version about my father in the same way, as he did regarding the English version.

We tried contacting German wikipedia. Emails adresses do not work. The is to say about telephone numbers. We cannot correct anything since the German page since it is “protected” and open only for changes to harm my father.

-Again, my father mendaciously is denigrated that he allgedly was "fired" (German: "gefeuert") by D.G.H.S. (As said in the letter to the board of dirctors my father left D.G.H.S. by a court settlement voluntarily. More over, such a slang shall spitefully denigrate my father.

- More over, "Seewolf" put references only to the enemies of my father and oppresses the statement of my father to it.

- Here is also lied by omissions. "Seewolf" conceals that legality of my fathers was controversially disputed between different courts and the article gives the denigrating impression about my father that he deliberately did something against the law.

-The fact that the guardian of my father was a child abusing Protestant minister has been eliminated in order to fake differences of black and white: Here the good Christians and there the criminal non-Christian... Everything is done to denigrate my father and everything left to achieve the same!

In particular, slangs like "fired"(German gefeuert) are not to accept, especially if they are lied (an attempt to do something is not the same as having done something). This slang debunks more the spite of the German Wikipedia co-workers on this subject than long expostions can say.

As said, since I cannot apply to the Germans Wikipedia (no email address or telephone number works) I apply to you once more.

I would like to request you to stub the German version as the English one and to protect it then. . Precautionariy, I prohibit German Wikipedia to publish something about my father.

Merryhobby 15:23, 4 September 2006 (UTC)Merryhobby

English Wikipedia cannot tell the German Wikipedia what to do. They are independent and you will have to deal directly with them. Also, can I suggest you post your future comments and/or requests on this page. Several people have it on their Watchlists and will respond. I understand your feeling upset and frustrated about the article, but I feel your badgering of Mets has been unfair and it would be best if you stopped posting on his talk page. This is just my opinion, I do not speak for Mets or know his view on this matter. Thanks, Sarah Ewart (Talk) 15:45, 4 September 2006 (UTC)
I confirm the above. Please don't communicate with Mets501 any more. He is not dealing with this. I'm afraid admins here have no power on the German site. Please keep your posts and letters short. It doesn't help to write so much: it puts people off reading. This is just advice to help you achieve your aim. The following is from WP:BLP:

Legal concerns[edit]

If you are the subject of a biography and you have a legal concern, the designated agent for Wikipedia is:

Jimmy Wales, Designated Agent
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
146 2nd St N, # 310
St. Petersburg FL 33701
United States
Facsimile number: +1(727)258-0207
Email: board "at" (replace the "at" with @)

E-mails may also be sent to: info-en "at" (replace the "at" with @)

More contact data

I suggest you contact them. You might also post a concise summary of your points on the article talk page, and on the German equivalent of WP:AN. You are welcome also to refer to the action taken here and the fact that the Foundation is very sensitive towards negative comments about living people, unless there is solid substantiation. A concise, well-argued, reasonable and polite approach is the one most likely to succeed.
You are cautioned that making legal threats on this site will result in a block on editing (apart from this page). I presume you are not making any such threats on this page, and would be grateful for your confirmation of this. If you are making such a threat, I will reluctantly be forced to enact the block, which I have no wish to do, in order to safeguard other editors. This is separate to any communication you may have in private with the Foundation. Thank you.
Tyrenius 16:58, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

Thank you Tyrenius for the address - I already applied to the board. Excuse me, for users it is very, very confusing to find the right address. Nevertheless, thanks a lot! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Merryhobby (talkcontribs) .

Talk pages[edit]

Merryhobby, if you want to leave a message for someone, please be careful to leave it on their talk page, not their userpage. It is generally frowned on to edit another user's userpage. I reverted your edits to User:Seewolf and User:Maxasus. If you wish to leave them messages, please go to their talk pages. Thanks, Sarah Ewart (Talk) 16:37, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

o.k. Sarah - it is a little bit disturbing to find the right address to apply correctly. However, you directed them to the right defendants which of course will stop their perpetrations... Merryhobby 18:09, 4 September 2006 (UTC)Merryhobby

Personal Attacks[edit]

Please see Wikipedia's no personal attacks policy. Comment on content, not on the contributor; personal attacks damage the community and deter users. Note that continued personal attacks may lead to blocks for disruption. Please stay cool and keep this in mind while editing. Thank you. --Seewolf 17:11, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

Mein Vater war nicht so viel im Gefängnis wie Martin Luther-King, dennoch haben Sie ihn am 20.8.2006 als "Krimnellen" klassifiziert und damit ähnlich wie die "Geschäftsführung" der DGHS, in deren Auftrag Sie für uns nachweislich stehen, die Basis der Zivilisation verlassen... Ihre "Anweisungen" entbehren daher nicht der Perfidie! Das war nicht nur eine Äußerung, eine Emotion, sondern überlegter Pranger! Wir haben übrigens Ihre Adresse für gerichtliche Angelegenheiten. Da können Sie ja nachweisen, dass mein Vater ein Krimineller ist. Ach, ja - beinahe hätte ich es vergessen "Daraufhin wurde er von der DGHS gefeuert -" keep cool, you fool! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Merryhobby (talkcontribs) .

Please write in English on the English wikipedia. Could you translate the above. Thank you. Tyrenius 22:23, 4 September 2006 (UTC)
Here's my stab at it. Mind, I'm a bit rusty... Rklawton 00:59, 5 September 2006 (UTC)
My father spent less time in prison than Martin Luther King, yet on August 20th, 2006, you classified him as a "criminal" as has the "management" of DGHS from which it is proven you take direction, thus abandoning the basis for civilization… Their "instructions" are clear, thus the breach of faith. That was not only your opinion or feeling but ridicule. We have, by the way, your lawyer's address. You can sort out with them your evidence that my father is a criminal. I'd almost forgotten.
Merryhobby, the note in German above has been taken as a legal threat to English Wikipedia, but I thought you were now happy with the text. Could you explain why you have said what you did, please? There has been a block placed as a precautionary measure, as I explained previously. Thank you. Tyrenius 02:38, 5 September 2006 (UTC)
Octagon-warning.svg Blocked - legal or personal threat against another user

As a result of your comments made at this page—namely the legal threat translated directly above this by RKlawton—you have been blocked from editing Wikipedia for an indefinite period of time (until the threat is withdrawn), for posting what could be seen as a threat against another user on Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not tolerate such actions. Users who make threats, whether legal, personal, or professional, that in any way are seen as an attempt to intimidate another user, are immediately blocked.

The only page you can now edit is this talk page, so if you are going to withdraw your threat please do so here.

See Wikipedia:No personal attacks and Wikipedia:No legal threats for more information.

Mets501 (talk) 01:31, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

Please don't delete talk from this page! It is an important record. Warning and block notices must never be removed, as to do so is considered vandalism.
You have not replied to my request to explain the text you put in German on this page, and whether this was directed at English Wikipedia, so I have to assume that it is.
Tyrenius 06:11, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

Dear Rklawton –

We do not want to argue that the concerned German perfidiously placed this provocation on this talk page to get that what you are complaining. You should not develop a caste spirit and judge that attacks of Wikipedia co-workers and those counter actions on them to be bad, especially if it is about Germans. I agree with you that calling a living person enabling social progress a "criminal" is a very personal attack. Would you also call Martin Luther-King a criminal? If you say that the concerned person is not comparable with Martin Luther-King I can inform you that precisely this was said to Martin Luther-King when he said that many people like he (Luther-King) had to go to prison because of providing social progress. Calling those ones "criminals" is foul mouth and foul play. I think that the concerned one is not qualified to be a co-worker of Wikipedia! He is immature for this job - not to mention his lack of knowledge. Of course, the Atrott family will consider lawsuit everybody calling the person in question to be a "criminal". That is our good right and is not only applied to German Wikipedia co-worker but to fairly and equally to everybody. More over, you are not experience the way how Germans are used to behaving. There is a big difference between Anglo-Saxon fair play and German foul play. The German do not know fair play! If we cannot fairly discuss special problems but because we only get slandered by Germans, there is no other way but lawyers and lawsuits. That is the only way one can deal with Germans. I expressively say that this is not to apply to the Anglo-Saxons. Concerning the latter, I have no reason to complain! Merryhobby 06:27, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

But you are still making a legal threat to someone on the English Wikipedia. If you do that, we have to keep you blocked. It is also not allowed to post in another language on this site. Tyrenius 06:48, 5 September 2006 (UTC)


O.k. I withdraw this threat as far as it is firstly about the English Wikipedia, secondly any Anglo-Saxon co-worker of Wikipedia and thirdly that what is written on pages of the English Wikipedia. I expressively and honestly declare that I do not intend to lawsuit any one from Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia. On the contrary, I deem Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia to be fair. I expressively appreciate the work and co-workers of Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia. Merryhobby 07:04, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

Thank you for your response. I have removed the block as a result. The block notice must stay as a record, however. Tyrenius 07:26, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

The fault in the system of German Wikipedia[edit]

I regret very much that the Germans succeeded in transferring their quarrels to the English Wikipedia. I never doubted that I sensibly can negotiate any trouble that should come into being with Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia. I think the German version of Wikipedia has a fault the Anglo-Saxon version does not have. In Germany another individual, even a neighbor, first of all is an object of domineering: who is better, stronger, superior etc. Corresponding those widely known German traits, the German version allows its volunteers to wage private wars (trails of strength) on those to which the articles is about or the offsprings of the concerned ones. German Wikipedia is no isle within German mind. This is the case if somebody as "Seewolf" is allowed to delete everything the target victim of his trail of strength writes in German Wikipedia, regardless in what way it is relevant, informative and true...

Merryhobby 10:44, 5 September 2006 (UTC) Merryhobby


Merryhobby 14:36, 5 September 2006 (UTC)merryhobby

You are shown as unblocked. Tyrenius 20:46, 5 September 2006 (UTC)

Thanks a lot, everything is working fine, now![edit]

Thank you for unblocking me! Merryhobby 16:16, 6 September 2006 (UTC)Merryhobby

Link to German article[edit]

Please don't remove this. It is a standard link, and no qualitative reflection. Tyrenius 21:00, 7 September 2006 (UTC)

O.K. - I do not mind Merryhobby 08:57, 8 September 2006 (UTC)merryhobby

Thanks for your understanding. Tyrenius 15:45, 9 September 2006 (UTC)