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MS-DOS games[edit]


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They won't let me in the big people library.[edit]

I did discuss, but on the reverting editor's talk page. Sorry if it would have been better on the article talk. Anyway, like I said there and in the edit summary, a man who manages to be barred for life from a library not only illustrates an angry, impulsive man, but one who is deprived of education. Seems very relevant to the rest of the paragraph. Homer's done a lot of dumb things, but none quite tie all three aspects of him together like this (I could be overlooking something, I suppose).

It isn't at all about pointing to a website. I intentionally linked directly to the MP3 to avoid the website. The important thing is it's audio from the primary source. I could care less who hosts the copy (though it is a cool site).

Anyway, if you still disagree, I won't edit war. But if you see my point, revert yourself.

By the way, thanks for making me Google "marmite". Intriguing stuff. InedibleHulk (talk) 12:40, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

Maybe instead of just deleting...[edit]

... you can find the references yourself, you know, do something that's actually productive...